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What If?

A bit of Samyang fisheye macro photography, made in Rold Skov (Rold Forest) here in DK (Denmark).

Yosemite Sunset

The sun is setting over the always beautiful Yosemite National Park.

Fishing on a Muddy River

Today’s photo is from Battambang, Cambodia. But that’s not what this post is gonna be about. Because I wanna tell you that a photo that I donated to The Parthenon, a museum in Nashville, Tennessee in USA, is up on Read more …

Alone in a Sailboat

Made this one on the first day, on my recent coast to coast hike across England.

Bringing Home the Goods

I stood on this spot for about an hour, trying to capture the people driving by. When panning in the same direction as your subject is moving, you can get the blurry background (aka motion blur), it takes a bit Read more …

Woods Creek, California

A view of Woods Creek in California, USA, Which I just happened to pass by, on my 6 weeks road trip back in 2010.

Oxholm Skoven

As I wrote a week ago, I’m in Jutland at the moment, and hopefully I’ll get out and capture a bunch of awesome photos while I’m here. This one is from my last visit up here, where I went out Read more …

Cigarette Break

A bit of street photography for you today. This one is from Tokyo, Japan. Where I was lucky enough to capture this guy on his cigarette break.

Walking & Texting

It’s been a while since I posted an analog photo. Here’s one I made on my trip to Austria with my girlfriend back in the summer of 2012. It’s made with a camera I bought on a flea market in Read more …

The Forever Sunset

After the color festival in Utah in 2013, I was hanging out with some of the other photographers the next couple of days. We went to Antelope Island State Park, one evening to catch the setting sun. And what a Read more …

Hut Reflection

This one is from my last trip to Jutland. I’m going back up there in a week. And hopefully I’ll get some time to get out and do a bit of photography. Really looking forward to it.

The Little House in the Valley

This one is from somewhere along the road, on my coast to coast hike last month. We weren’t to lucky with the weather, we had grey and doll weather most of the hike. But then you just have to think Read more …

UN City in Copenhagen

I been looking for an alternative to the – ridiculously – expensive Lee and Hi-Tech filters for a while now. And I think I found one, the ND1000 filter from Zomei, it’s a square filter (100mm x 100mm) like the Read more …

Water Droplets in a Spiderweb

We all got our photo bucket lists, and I always wanted to make a photo like this one. Morning dew in a spiderweb. The sunrise in the background is just an extra – extremely awesome – bonus. There where so Read more …

The Forest is Full of Trees

Another sweet spot photo. This time I was in a place called “Åsen” (can’t really translate that into English) which is a place, that’s about an hour’s drive from where I live. I got it recommended by a friend of Read more …

In the Phone Booth

Another one from my 50mm prime only night out in Tokyo.

Another Walk in the Cemetery

Yesterday I saw the documentary movie “The Salt of the Earth” which is made by Wim Wenders and is a portrait of the Brazilian photographer Sebastião Salgado. I had never heard about him before, and what a shame. His is Read more …

The Flower and the Bee

Another one from my hike across England. Well this one could have been made anywhere I guess, but it is from Robin Hood’s Bay, trust me.

Bike Riding Under the Bridge

I found this really sweet spot under “Langebro” (Long Bridge) on my way home from work, I didn’t have that much time to spend there. but I did capture this one, in the 10 minutes I was standing there. Have Read more …

It Sometimes Starts with Water Falling

A different view of the famous “Seljalandsfoss” waterfall in Iceland. The most used view is the one from behind the waterfall or like this one, which I made just before I got to this spot. I admit the other one Read more …


A while back I finally got to visit “Cisternerne” (cisterns in English) which is an underground location in a  park near my home. They have various exhibitions there. at the moment it’s “H” by Ingvar Cronhammar. And it is really worth a Read more …

Follow the Road Ahead

And leave the past behind.

Ancient India

Here’s an old photo from my trip to India, back in 2009. And it is one of those photos where I took me some time to figure out what I need to do to it in post. And it wasn’t Read more …

Horse & Window

I spend a lot of time walking around La Huera, Mexico. While I was evacuated here for a week, back in 2011. One day I came by this horse, tied to the window, I found the whole scene a bit Read more …

Sunset + Rainbow = Awesomeness

Here’s the first processed photo from my hike across the UK a week ago. It was made at the last stop on the route, Robin Hood’s Bay. Where we where rewarded with the most awesome sunset, which included a rainbow, Read more …

Bright Lights, Little Flower

A big happy fourth of July, to all my American friends and followers.

Indian Symmetry

If your in Jaipur, India. Then the Pink Palace is quiet a sight to see. I always find it amazing to go around looking at all the detailed carvings, you find everywhere in places like this.

San Francisco Skyline

A skyline view of the most fantastic city in the wwwoooorld (add your own Jeremy Clarkson voice). Man I’m really missing being there.