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We Saved a Seat For You

Old analogue photo from a trip to Crete, Greece in 1998, made with My very first SLR camera a Minolta XG2.

Taking Home the Groceries

Camera: NIKON D70sShutter speed: 1/320sAperture: ƒ/5.6ISO: 400Focal length: 65mmTaken: 20 July, 2006


Today’s my girlfriend Lisa Strøander’s graduation day. She had this photo – which I made off her last year on a trip to Jutland – hanging on her billboard since she started preparing for her final exam, with the title “Afgang” above Read more …

A Surfer’s Sunset

Camera: NIKON D70sShutter speed: 1/40sAperture: ƒ/6ISO: 200Focal length: 135mmTaken: 20 July, 2008

The Chapel at the Jewish Cemetery

I just found out that I never posted this little video tip here at the blog. It’s about how to get a nice big reflection in your photo. Enjoy!


The comparison below is of the raw HDR photo (straight out of Photomatrix) and the final photo, after adjustments in Photoshop, Color Efex Pro and Lightroom. [wpw_ba_viewer width=”auto” ] [wpw_ba_img src=”” alt=””] [/wpw_ba_viewer]


Lomography made with My White Slim Angel, in 2009 when it was brand new.

Yellowstone Lightning

Mainly posting this one,because it was My first time capturing a lightning, personally I’m not totally crazy about it.

Sit Down and Shut Up

This wasn’t that interesting a photo to begin with, then I started to play around with it in FocalPoint 2 – from OnOne – and something started to happen, I also cropped it to a square format and adjusted the Read more …

Icelandic Horse

Happy birthday, Lisa. I know how much you like animals, so I got you a (photo of a) horse. Made with My Lubitel 166B twin lens camera.

Playing Tricks on Me

When I was in India, I took a one day hike in the mountains adjacent the Himalayas, it was very beautiful, mountains, incredible landscapes and a few farmers was what I encountered on the hike. This being one of the farmer families. Read more …

Mercedes 250 SE Automatic

Added a bit of DOF with FocalPoint 2 from OnOne, because the Coolpix S3 doesn’t add much, with its small lens. NB: I like that all the license plates in Bologna, Italy starts with My name “Bo”

69 Ballerup St.

This what a bus looks like in Copenhagen….

What’s Troubling You?

Selfie made at the Golden Gate view-point, the last evening of My 2010 US road trip. What I’m think about is all up to you.

Mexican Church Blues

I just love this blue color, that you find in some of the churches in Mexico.

What’s Behind the Red Door

Life is full of mysterious door ways, some good and some not as good, but the are all there for a reason and helps us form who we are.

The Beauty of Polaroid #2

Another one from My Polaroid SX 70, really like that camera a lot.

Follow the Leader

While My tuk-tuk driver and friend Mab, was getting gas for the tuk-tuk. I quickly ran out to the road, because I noticed that we passed a long line of women on bikes – properly on their way home from Read more …


One more analogue photo, this one was made with My Pentax Auto 110, a very small SLR camera with exchangeable lenses.

Curved Road in the Dolomites

Because of the “long” winter this year, there where still a lot of snow up in the mountains in the Dolomites, which made it hard to move around outside the cleared paths and roads. Which then made it hard to Read more …


Today’s My best friend Tobias Bagge’s birthday, he’s turning 40, happy b-day buddy. This photo was made on the island Møn in the south-eastern part of Denmark, and it is the island Tobias was born and raised on.

In the Bend

We’ll stay analogue for one more day, This one is made with My Kodak Pocket Instamatic 10 which uses 110 film.

The Beauty of Polaroid

Lately I bought a bunch of old analogue cameras on E-bay, So expect to see a lot more analogue photos here on the blog. This one was made with My Polaroid SX 70 (Model 2) in the Dolomites last month.