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Bella Sky Light Trails

On my way home after a great evening out with the guys ‘n’ girls from the Momento photo-group, I stopped at Bella Sky Hotel, to see if I could find an interesting angle to shoot the hotel. Just as I Read more …


This is one of the coolest neon signs in Copenhagen if you ask me, I know you didn’t but I’m telling you anyway. “Låse” is Danish and means Locks.

My 15 Minutes of Fame

I totally forgot to mention that I’m feature in the Danish magazine “Digital Foto” this month. It’s about my analog photography……. fetish. To celebrate my 15 minutes – depending on how fast you read – of fame, I’ll give you Read more …

The Doctor’s Table

Another one from my Chernobyl trip. This one is from the hospital.

The Lighthouse Light

I went for a drive one evening – with my friend Rod – when I was in Rügen, Germany a few years back. We were out to see if we would get a nice sunset at a cool looking beach – Read more …

Drive By Sunset

I said it before, there is never a bad time for trying to make a photo. I made this one out of a driving bus, when I was in Cambodia, of course there where a lot of photos that were Read more …

Fog This Thing

It’s summer, and summer means time to travel, this summer I’m going to China and Mongolia – mainly Mongolia – and as always when I’m going on a trip, I like to ask if there are any photographers out there Read more …

Old Men Waiting for the Train

Made this one while I was back home in Vordingborg, visiting my parents for Christmas. Well, the most important thing today is that it is my girlfriends birthday. Happy B-day honey. She is a totally awesome illustrator, check out her Read more …

Green Was The Valley

A quick long exposure post today. This one was made on my trip to Austria back in 2012. My girl friend and I went on a walk around Obernberger See. A very beautiful lake in the Austrian Alps.

Ford Mustang

My second favorite car of all. I hope to get to drive – and maybe own – one some day.

Bike Rider in Cambodia + Podcast No. 4

When I was in Cambodia in 2012, I wanted to see Angkor Wat, and in order to get to Siem Reap – the town right next to Angkor Wat – I took the bus from Phnom Penh. is a 5-7 Read more …

Knuthenborg Safaripark

Yesterday I went to Knuthenborg Safaripark, an outdoor zoo where you drive around the animals in your own car, I went there a lot when I was a kid, we had a family tradition of going there once a year. Read more …

Five Days Quest – Last Photo

I know I’m a few days off posting this one on the blog. But I did post it on the day on G+ and FB. But didn’t wanted to let my blog readers out of the fun.

Five Days Quest – Day 4.

Well day 4. in the five days quest is almost over, here are my two contributions, top G+ and below FB. Exif photo 01 Exif photo 02 –

Dreaming of a Better Place

I was amazed by how many people where sleeping at the train stations in Tokyo, for some reason I had the illusion that there where no homeless people in Japan. But of course they have the same problems as the Read more …

Five Days Quest – Day 3

Today I got lazy, and use the same photo on both FB and G+. Well to tell the truth I was a bit busy to day and only got one photo that I really liked.

Take a Photo Each Day for 5 Days – 2. Day

My rant yesterday, wasn’t meant as a I make a lot better photos than everyone else, or my life is more interesting than yours. I was just a kind of wondering on why we need a challenge to post photos Read more …

Take a Photo Each Day for 5 Days

There are a lot of “take a photo each day for 5 days” floating around these days. I’m not sure if I like or dislike them, I’m in two right now, one on Facebook and one on Google+, and they Read more …

Do You See Me Now?

Right next to the place I worked at, when I was in Mexico back in 2011, there were these beautiful blue and yellow painted stables. I went up there one day to see if it had some nice scenery to Read more …


Made on the streets of Jaipur, India. I added a bit of Analog Efex Pro 2 magic.

It’s Down the Hallway and to the Right

I’m still processing photos from my trip to Chernobyl in 2010. Here’s one straight from the Photoshop grinder.

Yosemite Forest Sunset

I spent a few days in the always “no matter what time of the year you drop by” beautiful Yosemite, right after New Years 2011/2012. This photo is from the very first drive I had in to the park, and Read more …

Truck Two

Those American truck’s are just to cool, and when you get one with a nice reflection, it just adds to the coolness.

Reflections at the Watergate

I made this photo a few weeks ago, after an evening of photography with the guys (and girls) from the photo group, at Ørestaden. This one is not from there but from a pretty cool place called “Slusen” I’ve been Read more …