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Mammoth Hot Springs

Mammoth Hot Springs one of the many amazing places in Yellowstone, unfortunately I didn’t get to spend more the one evening at this location. But it is definitely a spot I’ll get back to, when I get to visit Yellowstone again.

Prakash – Parcel Services LTD.

Another photo I made with My Corina plastic camera, this one is from India. Remember to check out My Gear list.

US Airways – Departures

I was quiet amazed to see that they are still using this old school monitor in O’Hare International Airport in Chicago. Retro and I like it.

Just Like Any Other Day

Analogue photo made with My Corina camera, which I bought in the Czech Republic in 2006. Find out more about the camera (and all my other stuff) under the “My Gear” link at the top of the site. Here’s a Read more …

When I Grow Up

Made in the floating city Kampong Phulk, Cambodia. Which wasn’t very floating when I was there, because it wasn’t the rainy season.

Fragments of Red

Made in O’Hare International Airport in Chicago, when I was waiting for My plane home.

Say Hello to My Little Friends

Another one from my miniature photo fun day.

The Trinitatis Church

Here’s a before and after photo comparison, but this one is a little special, because it’s a comparison of before and after I added adjustments with Color Efex Pro 4 from Nik. The before photo is already a HDR photo, Read more …

Real Love Works

I don’t really know what this place is, I think people are getting married in here, but I don’t think it’s a church. Do you know?

New York Taxi Cabs

When I was in New York (in 2011) I had this vision of making a photo of a street filed with yellow taxi cabs. This is pretty close to the vision I had, two rows of taxis. And I’m more the happy Read more …

He Found Her Somewhere Down the Road

Well I should be posting photos from Spring and not Autumn. But I don’t really have any Spring photos – yet – and I kind of liked this one. It was a yellow/orange-colored forest, but I did enhance the colors Read more …

Wat Suthat, Bangkok

Today it’s my birthday, and I wanna give you some presents. for you to enjoy on this beautiful day. First off a behind the action video. And then a before and after comparison photo. [wpw_ba_viewer width=”auto” ] [wpw_ba_img src=”” alt=””] [/wpw_ba_viewer]


Added a gallery with some of the photos I made at the Festival of Colors a few weeks ago in Spanish Fork, Utah. See the gallery at My main-site

Woman Crossing Road

I got up early one morning in Battambang, and spend a few hours at this rather huge road, making photos of the people going to work.

Mirror, Mirror

I walked into Saranrom Park in Bangkok, and in one spot of the park, there was this training facility, where a couple of guys were working out. I started out by making some photos of the equipment and then when they sort of got Read more …


Heading back home today. Have a lot of photos from the festival of colors, that I’m looking forward to process and show to you.


Another one from the Festival of Colors in Spanish Fork, Utah.

Drifted Away Into the Unknown

Post no. 900 on the blog….

Festival of Colors in Utah

Here’s a photo from the Festival of Colors in Spanish Fork, Utah, that I attended this weekend. It sure was a whole lot of fun. More to come later.

Lincoln Memorial Reflected

Don’t play to many trick on people today.