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Camera: NIKON D3SShutter speed: 1/2000sISO: 200Taken: 18 April, 2010

Used Cars for Sale

I had just crossed the Texas state line, when I saw the first sign – I would later see a few more – that said “Drink, Drive and Go To Jail” and I thought to myself, this is a state Read more …

Is That You or Are You Me

My last day in New York – but I will be back for more another time – unfortunately the last days here it has been snowing and there has mostly been grey skies, so this shoot is from My second day in NY, Read more …

Under the Bridge

This one is from Brooklyn, on my way back from the shore – where I made some shoots of the Manhattan Skyline, which I will post at a later date – I walk beneath this small bridge, on the other side of Read more …

Fifth and Idaho

Camera: NIKON D300Shutter speed: 1/1000sAperture: ƒ/8ISO: 100Focal length: 12mmTaken: 19 July, 2010

Edison Ballroom

I’m having a great time in New York, I all ready got some many awesome shoots from the city, and I still got a few days left, I’m not gonna write that much, cause I wanna be out shooting instead. Read more …

WW2 Memorial

Sorry for all the quick post at the moment, but I’m in New York City spending my time shoot a lot of new stuff. Hopefully I will get enough time to process one – or two – photos next week, Read more …

2008.07.22 08:18:29

Camera: NIKON D70sShutter speed: 1/60sAperture: ƒ/6ISO: 400Focal length: 175mmTaken: 22 July, 2008

I Wish I Had a House Above the Clouds

Then everyday would be a sunny one.

The Sky is the Limit – Polaroid Plate #6

I’m flying to New York city today, really looking forward to see the Big Apple, and hopefully bring back a big bag of photos. See you on the other side!

Birds on Wires

I went for a hike in the mountains on Suðuroy (the south island on The Faroe Islands) to make some photos, and I got what I came for, cause almost no matter where you point your camera on The Faroe Read more …


Can anybody guess what this is?

The Game Men Play

I was walking around My favorite city San Francisco, when I came through Chinatown, and passed this place, where a lot of Chinese men a playing this game. Now I have two questions for you First what’s the name of Read more …


Today’s photo is actually from today. I was coming back from my father’s birthday in South Zealand by train, at the station I decided to walk home instead of taking the bus, thinking that I might catch some interesting things Read more …

Farragut North

Happy Birthday Daddy!


This one deserves to be enjoyed in silence. psst….it’s one of my favorite shoots from The Faroe Islands.

Waiting for the Right One – Polaroid Plate #5

We are at No. 5 in my on going Polaroid saga – Enjoy!

It Was as if Time Stood Still

Now! it’s for real I’m gonna have My first photo exhibition, it’s gonna be held together with My very good friend Rod Clemen, I’m really looking forward to it (like a kid waiting for presents at Christmas eve). The title Read more …

Floating Nun

Camera: NIKON D70sShutter speed: 1/4sAperture: ƒ/6.3ISO: 400Focal length: 46mmTaken: 27 January, 2007


Last year, when I was home for Christmas, I went on a short photo-walk/drive with My younger brother – you can find his website here – we went out to catch some sunsets, which is kind of nice in the Read more …

Go Get the Gold

My first day at Bryce Canyon last year, was a grey and rainy one, but I went for a walk anyway, didn’t have anything else to do any how. As I was walking around the trails at the bottom of the Read more …