Monthly Archives: February 2013

The George Washington Memorial

Made one night, when I was walking around the Smithsonian area in Washington D.C., making photos of all the monuments/memorials they have there.

What’s for Dinner?

I had just arrived in Battambang, Cambodia, spending the whole day on a boat trip from Sieam Reap. So I need to stretch my legs and therefore went for a walk – with My at the time new friend Jan Read more …

Vegas Neon Cowboy

The neon cowboy is part of the neon museum in downtown Las Vegas.

Amager Square and the Stork Fountain

Made late one night on My way home from work. I love how Copenhagen can be totally empty some nights, it happens most often on Monday and Sunday nights.

Indian Schoolbus

I don’t know if this is the only way kids are getting transported to school every day in India, but it sure is special and so Indian, and I mean that in a good way.

The Wurstelprater Amusement Park

The Wurstelprater amusement park, aka “Prater”, stands in one corner of the Wiener Prater park and includes the Wiener Riesenrad, (The Vienna Giant Wheel) which is famous for appearing in the Orson Welles movie “The Third Man” from 1949. HDR made Read more …

Vegas You Old Timer

Photo was made with My Casio EX-FC 100 pocket camera and post processed in Lightroom, that’s it.

Please Don’t

I was standing here getting ready to make a photo down this empty street in Marrakech, Morocco, when this guy came driving, I was gonna let him pass, but he – of course – thought that I was there to Read more …

Light on Angkor Wat

There was a thunder-storm happening above Angkor Wat, right as I was leaving the place – because they where closing – I asked Mab My tuk-tuk driver if it was ok that I spend a few minutes trying to catch Read more …

I Had a Feeling Something Bad Would Happen

One of the last photos I made with My first Nikon D3s. It got stolen when I was on a weekend trip to Barcelona in 2010,  this photo is from the day before, I’m glad that I always backup the catch Read more …

The Don From Bangkok

The first thing that popped into My head when I saw this guy, was Marlon Brando’s character from The Godfather movies. He could be the biggest gangster boss in Bangkok and then again he might as well be somebodies favorite uncle.

After Hours

Another one from My evening walk around Ikebukuro,Tokyo, with My Nikon D3s and just My 50mm prime lens. And here’s a before and after comparison for you. [wpw_ba_viewer width=”auto” ] [wpw_ba_img src=”” alt=””] [/wpw_ba_viewer]

Forest Road

Made on a walk in the forest with My girlfriend last autumn.

Valby Park

A quick photo I made, a day I was out testing and comparing video performances on different cameras and lenses.

Wanna Play Hide and Seek?

In stead of a bus trip, I chose to take the boat from Siem Reap to Battambang, I didn’t know it was an 8 hour trip, and the seat was made of hard plastic (or properly glass fiber). Boy I’m Read more …

What Are You Doing Here at This Hour?

This HDR photo is made from  three hand-held RAW exposures. One day I was out on a city walk with one of My best friends, we where just walk around here and there without any goal. I had of course brought My Read more …

From Blue to Yellow over Grey

Ain’t got that much to say, other than I’m amazed of the colors in some of the small lakes in Yellowstone.

Volvo Amazon

September last year, I bought my first car since 1995, it’s a Volvo Amazon from 1967, a car that I have always dreamed of owning but never thought that I would, So I’m a really happy guy right now. At the moment Read more …

Morning Fog and Sun over Agua Caliente

I had been driving past this spot a few times, thinking that it would be an awesome place for a sunrise photo. So one morning I got up very early and drove down here (1 hour drive), sat up My Read more …

New York City, You Make Me Fuzzy

I got a bit tired of this photo, the Manhattan skyline seen from Brooklyn, course I had seen it so many times before. So I decided to put it through the FocalPoint 2 grinder and just defocus the whole thing, and Read more …

Sunrise in the Liwa Desert

This was the main reason for my trip to United Arab Emirates, I wanted to see a real desert, there is something amazing and mesmerizing about them if you ask me. This photo was made in the Liwa Sand Dunes in Read more …

The Flare and the Forest

I’m so in love with the flare in this photo, in My opinion it really makes the photo. It’s a HDR from 5 RAW exposures, mixed in Photomatrix, then all exposures and the HDR were imported in to Photoshop for Read more …

We Open in 30 Minutes

I’ve only been sleeping 4 hours in the last 36 hours, had a lot of work to finish. Now I’m going to bed to get some rest. Good night!

Tokyo by Night

This one is made from the top of the World Trade Center in Tokyo, where you have a great view of the city. It’s made through a window and unfortunately the was some reflections from the window in the sky part Read more …

Time to Get Away From it All

I was at this weekend long seminar/photo exhibition in the norther part of Zealand, but I found some time to get away from it all just around sunset on the second evening there, and lucky me, the sunset was pretty Read more …

Tuk Tuks on Parade

The easiest and fastest – and properly the most dangerous – way to get around the cities of India, is by far by Tuk Tuk.