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Trademark of Pripyat

At the Pripyat photo exhibition a few days ago, I asked My brother if he would be so kind to take some photos, he kindly said yes. Thanks bro. He also made a short video of the slide/video show, which Read more …

The Lonely Tree

It’s the day after the vernissage on My very first photo exhibition, and I feel kind of weird, sort of empty like the feeling you have when you return from a nice vacation and you know that the every life starts again Read more …

Left Behind…

Well, Today’s the day where I’m gonna have My very first photo exhibition, and it’s also the day of the 25th anniversary of the Chernobyl nuclear disaster. And that’s what My exhibition is about, is all photos from the ghost town of Pripyat, Read more …

Everyday View

Here’s the 7th and last photo in My home photo cavalcade. Hope you enjoyed them.

Moon & Tower

Here’s No. 6 in My home photo cavalcade.

Sunset Behind Blinds

Here’s No. 5 in My home photo cavalcade. Today’s the 1 year anniversary for the blog, I uploaded the first photo exactly one year ago – The first Photo


Here’s No. 4 in My home photo cavalcade.

Sun & Tower

Photo No.3 in My own little home photo assignment

Moon IV

Here’s No. 2 in My home photo cavalcade.

Beneath a Grey Sky, is Where I’ll Stay

The coming week I’ll be posting seven different photos all made from my apartment window. Here’s No. 1

A stream filled with wadding

I can’t remember why – perhaps just for the fun of it – but I was walking around Frederiksberg Garden, with my camera and a Sigma 20mm 1.8 lens. The garden has all these small streams running through, I decided Read more …

The Bumper Cars in Pripyat

Camera: NIKON D3SShutter speed: 1/160sAperture: ƒ/5.6ISO: 200Focal length: 24mmTaken: 27 May, 2010Location:

Gone Fishin’

Well, today is My birthday, not gonna make that big a deal out of it, just having My parents and younger brother over for dinner.


I been playing around with some of the draw looking filters in Photoshop lately, I’m not sure yet of what I think about them, but I must say that this photo turned out darn good. I masked back the rider Read more …

India in Tivoli

Just returned from My trip to Sweden, but unfortunately I don’t have time to-day to process one of the shoots from the trip, you have to wait a bit longer for one of those. Instead I give you a photo Read more …

Spin Baby, Spin

This is a photo from Nice, France. I was walking around the city on My last night in town, and came by this small square/park area, where they were putting up this amusement park, there were no customers around, but Read more …

A Grand View

I’m going to Sweden for the weekend with a bunch of people from the photo club, really looking forward to be spending a weekend shoot a lot of nature stuff. I don’t think there is WiFi at the place we Read more …


It’s been a while since I last posted a trashy black and white photo, well this photo should correct that…….

A Prayer for the Living

Camera: NIKON D70sShutter speed: 1/30sAperture: ƒ/5.6ISO: 1600Focal length: 34mmTaken: 19 January, 2008

Vino Grappa

I was walking around Rovinj – a small town on the Istrian peninsula in Croatia – to find some interesting things to shoot. I came by this little sign on a nice looking street, as I stood there trying out different Read more …

Up, Up, Up

Another shot from my New York City trip last week. This was made right outside the Trinity Church on Broadway.

Seagull – Polaroid Plate #8

Camera: NIKON D70sShutter speed: 1/800sAperture: ƒ/6.3ISO: 400Focal length: 34mmTaken: 20 August, 2007

When the Sun Says Good Night

On my way to work one day, I was crossing Knibbels bridge (a bridge in the middle of Copenhagen) at the same time as the sun was setting over the city, luckily I had my camera in my backpack. I made a Read more …