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On the Streets of New York City

Happy birthday Mom

If a Door is an Opportunity, What’s a Window?

One more from My recently ended trip to Japan, what a magnificent places full of amazing and kind people. I’m certainly coming back some day, soon. Thanks to all the people I meet, which whom made this trip one of My Read more …

Bike Messenger

Here’s a photo I made with My little 22mm white plastic camera, It’s SOOC, there is no other post process done then scanning the image from the 35mm negative.

Pripyat View

Another shoot from My Chernobyl exhibition in April 2011.

West Thumb Basin Sunrise

On My 6 weeks road trip around the states last year, one of the most spectacular places I saw was Yellowstone. Before I arrived there, I meet these two guys Charlie and Rocky, somewhere north of Phoenix, Charlie who had traveled a Read more …

Where the River Runs Through It

How big is this place?

Indian Bike Riders

Well, as you are reading this, I’m sitting on the plane back from Japan, with a hard disk full of new images to process and bring to you here on the blog, really looking forward to posting them. Thanks for Read more …

A Beer and a Shot

The best way of ending a great day of picture making, is with a cold beer and a shot of tequila and some good company, My friend Mike Connell is sitting on the bar stole right next to me. Thanks Read more …

Tōkyō-to Chiyoda-ku

I’m not quite sure about the name of the place, it’s in the Akihabara area in Tokyo, shoot from below the train bridge. Do you know the name of this building?

The Cabinet

Another shoot from My Chernobyl exhibition in Aril 2011. See some more photos from Chernobyl by clicking this link.

Akihabara Bus

I was out walking the streets of Tokyo a week or so ago, I took a subway train to Tokyo station, cause I thought it would be some sort of a downtown, but let me tell you it isn’t, My Read more …

Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep

My homage to the late and great Philip K. Dick, thanks for some fantastic stories, I enjoyed reading them. Read more about this great author on wikipedia and on the official Philip K. Dick homepage.

David Thomas @ Lillely Live 07 – 09.10.2010

And a bit more from the set.

The Address Downtown Dubai

Today you get a new shot from my last adventure in the United Arab Emirates, this is a shot of “The Address Downtown” in Dubai, that is actually its name. It took me a while to figure that out, but as Read more …


My friend Per who lives in London at the moment, where so kind to let me crash on his couch for a couple of nights, when I attented the Trey Ratcliff HDR workshop last year. Thanks mate. Per had just bought Read more …


Here`s another shoot from Japan for you, it`s from the neighbourhood I stayed in, in Tokyo, on one of My many walks I came by – or should I say below – this guy cleaning windows, well of course I coulden`t resist and had Read more …

Maybe She’s Phoning Home – Polaroid Plate #12

Camera: NIKON D70sShutter speed: 1/200sAperture: ƒ/6.3ISO: 200Focal length: 200mmTaken: 27 July, 2006