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The Kid and the Pool

I removed quiet a lot of people from this photo, as you can see in the photo below, which I properly shouldn’t show you. The way I did that, was of course with the clone tool, but I also use Read more …

Little Big Planet

Today, I fooled around with the stereographic projection – aka little planets – effect, here’s one of my better results.

Bench in Bad Weather

From a really wet evening in Nice, France.

The Swan Lake

After a solo sunrise trip to the Blue Planet (a huge water zoo) I pasted this spot – an old fort – on my way home. I stopped a walked around for an hour or so. photographing all kinds of Read more …

101 California

When I made this photo I couldn’t stop think about my good friend Brian, and his also the reason why I made the photo in the first place. Why? You may ask yourself, well it’s very simple his nickname is Read more …

One of the Wives View

Made inside Hawa Mahal in Jaipur (the Pink City) India, on my so far only trip to India back in 2009. This is the place the women of the house sad, and watched the street life, unseen from the street.

The Orange Line

Well I said it before and I’ll say it again, I have a soft spot for these kind of road photos, so expect to see more in the future.

Running From My Shadow

I made this one on an early morning walk in the city of Siem Reap, Cambodia

Where the Sun Hits the Mountains

I was driving north through Wyoming, in order to enter Yellowstone National Park, via Beartooth highway, this is from a quick stop I had on the way. I think this is called Wind River. But have a look yourself, by Read more …


I decided to get a dedicated URL for my webshop, instead of the sub domain I use before. Why? Well, the main reason is that if I wanna “speed up” the site some time in the future, I can’t do Read more …

Let’s Sneak Out the Back

Made on a evening trip I had to Kronborg with my girlfriend and her friend, back in March this year.

Another Day at the Office

Made while I was killing time waiting for an appointment in the area.

China Central Television Tower

I was trying to find this huge camera market in the Haidian District in Beijing, when I was there this summer, I did manage to find it after walking around for a while. On my way there I walked across this Read more …


As I wrote earlier I spend the weekend with a couple of guys n girls from the Momento photo group. It was all about what is “A Telling Portrait” and by that I mean how do you tell something about Read more …

Beer Trucks

After my first – and so far only – 4th of July celebration, I found these trucks on my way back to my car. I got a “quick” snap of the them through the fence.


This Kornblomst (Wheat Flower) was my girlfriends grandmothers favorite flower. And I must say I also kind of like it.

The View from Slusen

On my way home from a nice photo get together with the Momento photo group, I made a short stop here at “Slusen” to see if I could get just a few more photos that night.

A Rain Cloud Illuminated by the Sunset Light

This later turned into a thunder-cloud with lightnings and all, I got some really cool photos of that to, but I will show you those in a later post. The cloud and lightning were getting closer, and it occurred to Read more …

Vor Frue Kirke, Vordingborg

This photo is actually made the day after Christmas eve, we had the “hottest” winter as far as I can remember last year, we only got a little bit of snow in January. But I don’t mind not that found Read more …

Nothing Ever Really Changes

I made a short “how I made this photo” video, the video only covers the part where I’m in the field. Post production wish, I can tell you that I ended up combining two photos, one with the cloud part Read more …

The Road to Everywhere

Well this is a classic or a cliche depending on how you look at it. But I got a soft spot for these kind of endless road photos.

Copenhagen Main Train Station #002

A parently I got a soft spot for the exact view of the central train station here in Copenhagen, I sure have made quiet a few photos from this spot.

Three Men at the Mosque

When I made this photo I didn’t see him, the third man, It wasn’t until I started processing the photo that I noticed him. And I must say I had my doubts, should he stand? or should he go?. I Read more …

The Purple Flower

I really enjoy, making these close up photos of flowers – and other things – with my Samyang fisheye, you get a really cool perspective that way. This photo is from my recent trip to Mongolia, I’m no flower expert, Read more …

Between a Rock and a Hard Place

Rock formation I found at Terhiin Tsagaan Lake (the white lake) in central Mongolia. It’s a HDR made at broad daylight – the worst time to make photos – but I really like the clouds, and I think it turned Read more …

You Can See Italy From Here

Today’s photo is from the Austrian Alps, you can actually see Italy from this spot, it’s the mountains all the way out in the horizon. And it comes with a before and after comparison, enjoy. [wpw_ba_viewer width=”auto” ] [wpw_ba_img src=”” alt=””] [/wpw_ba_viewer]

Fujica V2

Analog photo made with a Fujica V2. See more of my analoge photos here

Teddy Bears for Sale

One evening I went out to this huge market in Siem Reap. It was great fun, there where people selling all kinds of stuff, a small amusement area and a big stage with live music and other sorts of entertainment. Read more …

The Graveyard Bench

A photo I made on a little photo trip I had with my self last autumn.

Boat on Show in Sunset

Hopefully it’s gonna take a few more months, before we get this kind of weather again, even though snow can be quiet beautiful in photos, I for one prefers summer and sun.