Monthly Archives: April 2015

A Tree Without Leaves

I have a sweet spot for these “naked” trees, and when you catch them at sunset – or sunrise – time, and get the moon in the frame. Well that just adds to the sweetness.

The Hills Have Eyes

Another one of the beautiful Mongolian landscape.

You, Me and a Sunset

Wont say much about this one, it’s all up to you.


OK it’s been a few days since my last post, I’ve been have some problems with the blog, I actually had to delete the whole thing and get a fresh and newly installed database, I don’t know what went wrong, Read more …

Two Kids on a Bike

Again humans on a bike captured out the window of a driving bus. Now my question is. Is this street photography?

Svinklovene Sunset

“Svinklovene” is Danish and means “pig hooves” I think the place is called that, because it looks like pig hooves when you see it from above. I have a little extra treat for you today, I found this old stop Read more …


I Don’t have much to say about this photo. there where just something about the light, the wet ground and the way the bike was parked, that I really liked. And on top of that I also kind of nailed Read more …

Silhouettes of Rocks

Well I started to stitch a few panoramas together lately. This being one of them. It dates back to my US road trip in 2010. And it is made in Arches national park in Utah

The View from the Temple

Mongolia was special, in a very good way, especially the landscape was incredible, and I only saw a very small part of it. Can’t wait to get back there again some day.

Angkor Wat Temple with Trees

I spend 3½ weeks in Cambodia back in 2012, and only six days of those weeks in the Angkor Wat area. But I could easily have spend all my time here. It is such an incredible beautiful and photogenic place. Read more …

Ice Blue Skyscrapers

Somewhere in Tokyo…….

Lost in Thoughts

Today’s my birthday, and to celebrate I’ll show you a before and after photo of this beauty. I’m really getting into adding textures to photos at the moment, think I might be a little fed up with all the beautiful Read more …

From the Lake in the Mountains

When I was in Austria with my girlfriend a few years back, we hiked up to Obernberger See, a very scenic lake, and a must see spot if your into landscape photography. The hike up there isn’t that hard.

Mr. Orange

In Battambang, Cambodia, I had the pleasure of visiting a school for monks. I was a really cool experience. And they where all so nice and curious. This fella, was one of the students, and this is the place he Read more …

Vesterhavs Sten

Once again I found myself walking around the northwestern beaches of Jutland, looking for some good compositions. Normally I make them big and wide, but this time I got in close, using my Samyang fisheye lens, which I really love Read more …

Cool Old Lady

On my walk around Kiev, Ukraine, I spotted this cool old lady, and of course I had to make a photo of her.

Kullen #01

Here’s a long exposure I made at Kullen, Sweden, earlier this year. It was my first time at Kullen, but it’s certainly not gonna be my last. It’s such an awesome spot. And I can’t wait to go back up there.

Beijing View at Night

Here’s another photo where I used Topaz Impression, to add some texture to the photo. I’m starting to like that plug-in quiet a bit.

The Number of the Bus

Made this one on a short photo get to get together, with a couple of friends from the photo group.

The Meat District Watch

While I was waiting for my bike to get fixed, I took a walk in the meat district here in Copenhagen. It’s a really cool place filled with galleries, Bars, restaurants and a big part of it is still used Read more …

Little Desert Bush

There is something fascinating about deserts. I can’t quiet put my finger on it. Maybe it’s because you can easily die out there, or maybe it’s something as simple as I don’t have deserts where I live, and that makes Read more …

A Man with a Yellow Hat

Was lucky enough that this fella said yes to have his photo made by me. He even smile a bit more when I showed him the photo on the back of my camera.

Falling Water in Phnom Koulen National Park

I made the long journey from Sieam Reap to Phnom Koulen National Park in a tuk-tuk. the first part as a normal tuk-tuk, you know where I’m sitting in this “wagon” that’s being pulled by a moped. But the last part, Read more …

A Stone and Two Swans

I took a while before the two swans in the background made a pose at the same time, that I liked. The where a lot easier with the stone in the foreground.

Stars Above the Chestnut Tree

Happy April’s fools day everyone, personally I’m not a big fan, just a day where I’m not reading the news.