Monthly Archives: November 2011


Downtown San Francisco panorama

And from Mexico we got straight to my favorite city on earth, San Francisco. My plan is to celebrate New Years Eve here this year, really looking forward to it. Can you recommend a good place to go, for a Read more …

Banana salesman

And the last photo in my little Mexican week, photo series. This one is from the town of Tomatlán, I drove here cause it’s the closest town  – 52km – to where I live, that has an ATM, and I was Read more …

Dos amigos

I just got little under a month left here in Mexico, so far it’s been a pleasure being here, the Mexican people are so nice and friendly, the only downside is, that I don’t speak Spanish – and only a Read more …

Abandon Hotel View

7 times Mexico, the next seven days I’ll be posting some of the photo’s I made so far here in Mexico, Enjoy.

Flea Market

On the freeway I saw a sign for “The Toy & Action Figure Museum”, and I thought, I got to see this, so off I went.I came into this little town, parked the car and found the museum, and I Read more …

In the Forest of Make Believe

Normally I don’t add stuff in the post process, but I always like to try new stuff, so here I added the lens-flare and the light-rays in post. But is this a bit too much, what do you think?

The River Thames

I’m sorry about the non-writing at the moment, but I’m in Mexico working on a Danish television show, and that takes up a lot of My time, and the off times is used for capturing new stuff for you all.