Monthly Archives: January 2014

It’s Hasen’t Always Looked Like This

A view of the Island Vágar on The Faroe Islands, with a bit of Analog Efex Pro angel dust.


s While I was emptying our basement today, I saw all these tricycles – and other forms of transportation for kids – standing around our backyard. I decided that when I was done with the hard labor, I would give Read more …

Salt Lake City Capital

HDR made inside the Utah captital in Salt Lake City. I was lucky enough to catch a “second” where there were no people around. Have a look at the before and after comparison below, to see how it looked before Read more …

Klaus & Lisa

3 weeks ago, I was visiting the well-known Danish cartoonist Klaus Albrechtsen. my girlfriend had an internship with him, a few years back, when she was attending the Danish Design School here in Copenhagen. They became very good friends after that, Read more …

Bend Over

The more I use my Samyang fisheye for my OM-D, the more I’m liking it.This is my first HDR photo made with that lens, and as you can see it works great for HDR’s as well. This is a little Read more …

Little Flower

It’s been a bit quiet here the last few days – made a quick post yesterday – the reason being that I moved into a bigger apartment, which is really nice. And hopefully later this year – somewhere around summer Read more …

Goodbye Mexico

A view of Puerto Vallarta from the plane, I flew to San Francisco with back in 2011. First time I’ve made a really useable photo from an airplane.

The Two Bridges

The water didn’t get as soft as I would have like to, when I made the photo, so I enhanced the softness with some motion blur in post, and in that process a few rocks and some seaweed had to go Read more …

Flagpole and Stars

Star photography made with a Olympus OM-D E-M5 in the middle of a small town. I’m quiet surprised on how it turn out. There is a fair amount of stars visible on the sky, taken in consideration that this was Read more …

The Rocks and the Bridge

Used the light from my mobilephone, to add some light to the rocks in the foreground, it took a few takes before I nailed it.

You Forgot to Turn Off the Light

Made an evening on my way home from work, not to long ago.

Purple Flowers

I don’t have green fingers, and therefore on clue of the names of these flowers. I just found them pretty and made a photo of them.

Thai Market

I like to set time a side to go explore the bigger cities I visit, when I’m traveling, that way you can get away from the most touristy places and when your really lucky you’ll find something unique like this Read more …

The Milky Way over Crater Lake

Let’s start 2014 with one of My favorite photos from 2013. This is My very first attempt at photographing the Milky Way, and I must admit I’m very happy with the result.