Monthly Archives: May 2014

Vivitar Ultra Wide & Slim

I bought the White Slim Angle from Superheadz back in 2009, and a few months ago I found out the it was a replica of the Ultra Wide & Slim from Vivitar, and since I like the White angle so much I Read more …

The Egmont Clock

I made this photo almost 5 years ago, but I just recently post processed it. Do you go back and post process old photos?

The Glass Cabinet

Yet another photo from Pripyat, Ukraine. The town got evacuated during the Chernobyl disaster in 1986.

Moon Over Møns Klint

I was home at my parents house to celebrate my 40th birthday, and on the day I was heading back home I got up at 3am in order to get to Møns Klint at sunrise – I even got my girlfriend Read more …

Inside Vik Church

This was made inside the famous church on top of the hill in Vik, Iceland. Here’s a before and after comparison for your enjoyment.

The Devils Garden

Made in Arches National park, Utah. On a little road trip I made after the color festival in Spanish Fork.

Puerto Vallerta – and Podcast No. 3

My third podcast is online, listen to it below (it’s still in Danish) “Nielsen & Wessmann Eps:03” [audio:0003_20140513.mp3] Get a list of what we talked about here (also in Danish)

Eastern Mebon Temple

One of the not so well know temples in the Angkor Wat area in Cambodia, but still just as beautiful as some of the famous ones. Before and after comparison.

Tokyo from Above

Made from the Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation building, where you will find a great view of this fantastic city.

An Evening on Dronning Louises Bridge

Three photos from an evening out with the local photo group, they are all made on and around Queen Louise’s bridge here in Copenhagen.

The Last Remains

I’m not gonna say anything about the guy, you have to make up your own story.

Somewhere in Nice

I found this old film, that celebrates the first 100 years of photography back in 1939. I can recommend a subscription of the British Pathé channel on Youtube, they have a lot of cool old film clips.

Did I say Something Funny

Another one from my first – and so far only – visit to India back in Spring 2009. This was made in the city Jaipur.


Made with my x100s on my way home from work, not to long ago.