Monthly Archives: October 2014

Forest Mist

Do you have a bucket list of photos you’ll like to make some day? I do. It’s not a physical list just one in my head, and some of the photos I can’t really explain exactly what they should look Read more …

Bodil & Ole

Are some of the nicest people I’ve meet in a very long time. And what is extra cool is that they own a mill, yep one of those really old school ones, unfortunately the weather was any good when I Read more …

Vesterhavs Blæst

HDR made at Saltum beach earlier this year. NB: “Vesterhavs Blæst” is Danish and means something like “Western Ocean Wind”

The Lighthouse at Stevns

I been up for sunrise 4 times within the last month, and every time I driven to Stevns, to photograph the limestone cliff and the lighthouse. This one is from my second morning, where the sunrise really sucked, but right before it, Read more …

The Hawk

There is something about those eyes, I think they look really sad. And I can’t blame it for being exactly that, because it was one of those hawks, that tourist can pay, to have up on their arm, and then Read more …

The Cleaner #02

Killing time in Beijing airport…..

Long Extend Sunrise

Here’s a sunrise photo I made on my trip to Langeland a bit more then a month ago. As you can see in the EXIF data below, it’s a 30sec exposure I got that using a ND 400 filter on my Read more …

Water, Mountains and Clouds

November 3. me and my friend Henrik Wessmann are launching a new site called “The Weekly Photo Challenge” Here we’ll post a new photographic challenge every Monday at noon (Danish time) and then you’ll have a week to do the Read more …

Out on the Edge

Here’s a behind the action photo (made by my best friend Brian). Enjoy!

Below Carlsberg

My good friend Thomas works at Visit Carlsberg, and through he’s connections at Carlsberg, I manage to get a few hours in the old basement below the brewery. And what a scenario there is down there, I could have spent Read more …

Rat Rock

I don’t know what defines a fine art photographer or a fine art photo? And who tells you if you are one? Or is it just something you nominate yourself to be. Is this a fine art photo? And if so Read more …

Ferrari 430 Scuderia & Buick Rivira

A few days ago, I was out with the guys n girls from my photo club, some of them had organized a shoot with 5 cars in a parking garage in the heart of Copenhagen. I had a fun evening, making Read more …

Like Farther Like Son

Caught these two at a Naadam festival, in a small town in Mongolia. These traditional Mongolian outfits are just so damn awesome, and if you add a cool looking hat, then it’s a must photograph moment. And luckily they are Read more …

Calling Elvis

Made while killing time waiting for my flight home from China, this summer.

Early Morning Bridge Traffic

At the well-known Golden Gate view-point Battery Spencer, did you know that if you climb through the fence, you can walk a bit down the hill, and get this cool view of the bridge. Click the geotag link below, to Read more …

Sad, you might say

Made on an evening walk around town, back in 2009. Damn time flies…. when your having fun.

Have You Read the News

Made on a walk around Marrakech, the very first day in town.

One of the Coolest Cities in the World

Tokyo is in my top 3 of coolest cities in the world, the list is top by San Francisco, Tokyo coming in on a close – but no cigar – second place.

There is Something Smelly Around Here

Went passed this cow, when I was on my way to photograph the sunset at the lighthouse at Rudbjerg Knude in Jutland.

Early Morning in Bryce Canyon II

Here’s another photo from that same Bryce Canyon morning, I posted yesterday.

Early Morning in Bryce Canyon

I was in a bit of a hurry getting to Bryce Canyon for sunrise this morning – got up a bit late – and in all the confusion I mistook the sunSET view instead of the sunRISE view, so I Read more …

NIC 150M

Wont say much about this one, it’s all up to you.

A Clear Reflection

Early sunset as seen from Antelope Island State Park, HDR made from 7 exposures. I was amazed by how calm the water was, showing off the perfect reflection.

Barmanden (Barman)

Another photo from my trip to Langeland a month ago. this is the local barman.

Blue Hour at Kronborg

From an evening trip I had to Kronborg castle earlier this year, with my girlfriend and one of her friends.

Mill & Sunset

Made in the out backs of Texas, USA. On my 6 weeks road around the country back in 2010.

The Dishwasher

Made on the streets of Bangkok

Tree Tunnel

In a few weeks, we are gonna have the nice autumn colors once again, hopefully I’ll get some time to get out a capture some of it. Here’s a little before and after comparison of the normal exposure and the Read more …