Monthly Archives: September 2013

Of a Simple Mind

One of My favorite subjects, forest with the sun “behind” it. I don’t know what is it – properly that I just find them very photogenic – but I always get an urge to make photos when I see scenarios like Read more …

One Side of Double Arch

Here’s a short behind the action video for you.

Let’s Site Here and Watch the Sunset Together

A before and after comparison

King of the Hill

This tree stands on a hill, not far from where My parents live. I think it’s about a 15 minutes walk. I always wanted to capture a photo of the tree at sunset, but it’s funny how the things closest Read more …

The Worlds Smallest Waterfall

Here’s a behind the action photo of My camera set-up, when I made this photo. I turned My camera upside down, in order to get close enough to the water, to get the reflection, just as I wanted it. And Read more …

The Old Church

Today’s My brother’s birthday, he’s also a photographer – you can find his site here Photographer Dan Nielsen –   earlier this year we went on a trip to Iceland together, to do some serious photography. It was our first trip together Read more …

Cows, train and hills

Before and after comparison.

On the Phone

Another analogue photo with yet another analogue camera, this time it’s the Mariner from Vivitar. Remember you can always click the camera name in the tags below, to see all posted photos made with that camera.

Blue Hour Bridge

Long exposure photo made with My Olympus OM-D E-M5. I said it before and I’m saying it again, that camera is amazing. Here’s a crappy mobile phone photo from behind the scenes.