Monthly Archives: April 2014

Storms Christening

Last year I was attending my girlfriends nephew’s christening, at the after church get together I was asked if I would make some portraits of the family, and of course I did.

The Royal Palace at Noon

This is the royal palace in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. It’s a HDR made from 9, 1 stops brackets. Which I often make when I’m shooting straight into the sun, like in this photo. Here’s a before and after comparison for Read more …

Late After Hours

The very first photo I made with My Nikkor 80-200mm F2.8 lens, I made on my way home from the guy I bought it.

Location Scouting in Ørestaden

I was out location scouting in Ørestaden tonight with My fellow photo group buddy Michael Molter. We are planing to take the rest of the photo group out here, some time in May. Get ready to see some more photos Read more …

Alone on a Misty Evening

Made on my very first visit to The Faroe Islands back in 2010.

Københavns Rådhus

Made on a walk around town about a month ago on one of the first days of the year with some really nice sunlight.

Tyrol Lightning

I had been out photographing the whole day, and just as I called it quits and returned back to the hotel. It started rumbling in the distance, I wasn’t quite sure on where the thunderstorm was and I soon gave Read more …

Yellow Wall

Made a few weeks back, when I got up for some sunrise hunting.

The Early Bird

I made this at sunrise a few mornings back, after working an all nighter. I Got back from work at around 6am, and instead of jumping into bed I went out to catch me some sunrise, down by the harbour Read more …


Made last winter,  when it gets dark in the late afternoon here in Copenhagen. As you can see on the clock on the building, this was made 04:22pm. “Hovedbanegården” means “Grand Central Station” in Danish.


Today I made my second podcast with my good friend Henrik Wessmann. It’s still – and will as be – in Danish. You can listen to it on my Danish webshop – just click here. Here’s a list – in Read more …

De Hvide Huse

“De Hvide Huse” means “The White Houses” in Danish. This is part of the new apartment area that are being build on the waterfront here in Copenhagen.

She Disappeared Into the Distance

I’m a sucker for these curly American – or non American for that matter – roads, and by adding a little tilt-shift effect in post. You’re having a hard time making a bad photo IMO.

Small Talking in the Sun

Made at the Blue Mosque in Istanbul, Turkey.

Welcome to the Jungle

Made in the Olympic Forest in Washington State. Oregon and Washington State have by far some of the most beautiful forests I have ever seen.

Mountain Upon Mountain

Analog photo from the Dolomites, Italy. Made with my Vilia Auto 35, a Russian camera made by BelOMO from 1973-86.

The Fly and The Flower

Let’s stay in flower mode for one more day, this one is from my first trip to The Faroe Islands back in 2010.