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Made on a short photo trip with My good friend Tobias Bagge.

Making Her Famous Tomato Sause

Just bought a new scanner, and I started to look through some of My old analogue photos. This is from a trip to Crete, Greece in 1998.

Let Me Take You Home

Just arrived in Provo, Utah in the States, and I’m afraid the next 10 days are gonna be a bit on the loose side blog posting wise. Because I’m gonna be out making photos most of the time. There will be a new Read more …

Gas Station Sunrise

Made an early morning in Battambang, Cambodia. I got a lot of attention while I was setting up for this photo, I think the people working at the gas station thought I was a little bit crazy, making photos here. But after Read more …

Cozy Riad in Morocco

In two days (27th), I’m going to Utah on a ten days trip. Gonna attend the Festival of Colors in Spanish Fork, and then spend the week after making photos in the surrounding canyonlands. Really looking forward to meet a bunch Read more …

The Big Apple

Made from the top of the Rockefeller Center. Before and After comparison. [wpw_ba_viewer width=”auto” ] [wpw_ba_img src=”” alt=””] [/wpw_ba_viewer]

Seemed Like an Eternity

Made this one a few days ago in the backyard where My girlfriend lives. It had snowed all night, and when I looked out the bedroom window I saw this little red bike all covered up. I got down just Read more …

Hiking in Tyrol

I walked a little further ahead, right past that tree you can see in the middle of the frame, when all of a sudden a thunder-storm came rolling in over the mountains, and a few seconds later it started pouring down. I started Read more …

Sun in the Alley

Here’e one of My favorites from Morocco, I really like the way the sun shines though the alley ,but that you are still able to see the people at the end. All post processing done in Lightroom.

When a Man’s Gotta Go, a Man’s Gotta Go

About a month ago I had to make a Still life photo for a local photo competition, I didn’t know what I wanted to make, I don’t do that kind of photography. But I came up with the idea that I could Read more …

Vegas on Fire

It’s not really on fire, it just kind of looks like it might be. Never seen a sunset sky this red before. It was really amazing.

A Power Full Sunset

A before and after comparison for you.

They Had Been on the Run Forever

Here’s a short stop motion movie I made with My girlfriend a few days ago.

Obernberger See

Got a behind the action video for you today, enjoy Click here to see the photo with lens flares

Harvesting, Denmark

I went on a short drive with My younger brother, to see if we could find anything interesting to photograph. And just as the sun was setting we came by this organic farmer harvesting his crop. Here’s another photo from Read more …

What Will it Be?

Because I was in Cambodia in the dry season, I was able to walk the streets of Kampong Phulk, this street is normally a river and the city is a floating city. And that is why the houses in the Read more …

Father & Sons

Made at the Friday Mosque (Jama Masjid) in New Delhi, India. Oh and happy birthday Dad.

Head Towards the Light

December last year I ordered one of  Scott Jarvie photo from his SmugMug site, the shipping time was around 3 weeks (I live in Denmark, and My guess is that the print shop used is in the states) which was fine with me. Read more …

I Hope I’ll Never Get Stuck

My car got stuck in the gutter, when I pulled over to make this photo, I mean they have the biggest and deepest gutters in the country side in Japan, at first I couldn’t really deal with the problem at Read more …

Now Make That Call

Made near Grand Canyon, USA in 2007.

Like Taken Out of a Tex Avery Cartoon

Normally I find these kind of “bird on a blue sky” a bit boring, but this guy – or gal – just has so much character, which makes this photo stick out. It looks like a real life character from Read more …

Inside Hassan II Mosque, Casablanca

Caught My friend Thomas, while we where visiting the Hassan II Mosque in Casablanca.

Are you talking to me?

It took me about 5-10 minutes and around 15-20 photos, to get this one right. and by right I mean a photo where you can see the guy on the left is talking and the guy on the right is not Read more …

Press Play on Tape

A guy at a street market in Bangkok had the latest hits on sale, for those of us still having a tape recorder.

She Gave Him Everything

Photo was made on a short forest walk in Jutland last year, when I was visiting My girlfriends parents.