Head Towards the Light

December last year I ordered one of  Scott Jarvie photo from his SmugMug site, the shipping time was around 3 weeks (I live in Denmark, and My guess is that the print shop used is in the states) which was fine with me.

Well, mid-January, I found a note from the post office saying that they had a package for me. Off I went, but it was too late, the package had already been shipped back to sender.
It might have been My fault – finding the note a bit late – that I didn't get the print.

I then contacted Smugmug Support Heroes, I told them what happened and asked them what I was supposed to do now. I was ready to pay the shipment cost again, because I kind of felt that it was My own fault that I missed it at the post office.
A few hours later, I got a return email, saying that they would look into the matter.
And then a little later on I received an email saying that they would ship the print again without any extra cost for me, I just had to conform that the shipping address was correct.
I did and they ship the print again. I just received it a few days ago.

I'm happy to be a customer at Smugmug, but I'm even happier that my customers (I'm selling prints from Smugmug as well) are customers there.

Thank you, Smugmug Support Heroes.

Head Towards the Light by Bo47 is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.