I Hope I’ll Never Get Stuck

I hope I never get stuck

My car got stuck in the gutter, when I pulled over to make this photo, I mean they have the biggest and deepest gutters in the country side in Japan, at first I couldn’t really deal with the problem at hand, I had a photo to make.

Afterwards I tried to get the car free, but it was really stuck, so I had to get some help. I started walking further down the road and ended up at a little house, about 10 min. later. I knocked on the front door, and got to talk to a really old lady (later I found out that it was the grandma), who didn’t understand anything I said, luckily there where some younger people in the house as well, who did. After I had explained my situation, we jump into their car a drove back to mine.

They had a look, and saw that there was nothing they could do, so they called the Japanese triple A, who would be there in a couple of hours. These lovely people then invited me to join them for dinner while I was waiting. I gladly accepted and had a wonderful couple of hours in their company.

When the triple A guy called, we drove back to My car, got it pulled out. I thanked them for their kindness, we said goodbye and I drove on.

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