Let Me Relax for a Few Days

Let Me Relax for a Few Days

I spend My last days in Cambodia, in the southern part of the country, in a family owned resort by the name of
Les Manguiers- which means “The Mango” in French –  just relaxing and trying not to do too much.

It’s a great place and I can only recommend that you stay here, if you’re in that part of the country. The resort is located near the city Kampot.
But you can get more info at their website: www.mangokampot.com

The place you see here, is one of a few places you could have breakfast or dinner. I had dinner there once, but there where too many mosquitos – having their dinner on me – so I choose to eat in the main “lounge” area the other times I had dinner at the hotel.

But its beautiful, right? And the view from there was amazing, I’ll post that one later on.

This is a HDR from 3 RAW exposures, made from a nearby bridge.

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