Nice in the Rain

Nice in the Rain Rain in NiceBuy Prints

Two photos from a rainy evening in the fabulous city of Nice, France.

They are both HDR’s but on the bottom one I also added a bit of texture, to give it a bit griddy look.

  • Aperture: ƒ/8
  • Camera: NIKON D300
  • Taken: 21 February, 2010
  • Focal length: 12mm
  • ISO: 200
  • Shutter speed: 3s

Sunrise Behind Clouds

Sunrise behind cloudsBuy Print

I was on a one week trip to the Italian parts of The Dolomites earlier this year, with a few guys from the local photo club.

The last two mornings, I went out at 4am to catch the sunrise, on the first morning I found this amazing spot, but the sun never really showed, and that’s why I went out to the exact same spot the second morning to see if I was able to catch one, but no sunrise for me.

I still got this pretty awesome photo, you see above.

Remember if you wanna go to the same spot, and wants to find it on Google maps, all you have to do is click on the geotag link below.

I made a little behind the action video, for you enjoyment.

Eldorado Casino, Reno

Eldorado-Edit-EditBuy Print

Leave, Before it’s to Late

Dolomite Old Church-Edit-2Buy Print

Someday’s are Better Then Others

Salt Lake ReflectionBuy Print

Here’s a photo I made in the day’s I spend in Utah, after the Festival of Colors in Spanish Fork this April.

And I even got a little behind the action’s video for you. Enjoy!

2 Times Autumn Colored Trees

Efterårs Mark 02

Efterårs MarkBuy Prints

Two photos from a short trip, a few weeks back. When the autumn colors where still around.

Far’s Kirke

Far's kirkeBuy Print

“Far’s Kirke” is Danish and means Dad’s Church, because My dad was baptized in this church when he was very very young.

She Asked Him Kindly

Dolo MountainBuy Print