The Swans Under the Bridge

As some of you might know, My camera got stolen last year in Barcelona, Spain. The weirdest thing is that after about three months, some guy wrote me an email, saying that he saw My camera on the black market in Casablanca, Morocco – the reason he was able to find me is cause I always write My name and website URL into to the metadata of My cameras, when possible – we wrote a little back and forth, but I kind of got the feeling that maybe he was one of the “bad” guys, trying to sell My camera back to me. When I told him that I had contacted the Danish police about the whereabouts of the camera I never heard from him again.

Here’s a few things I find relevant according to camera theft.

1. If possible, write some info in the metadata, like an email. In that case if some honest person gets hold of your camera, they know how to get in touch with you.
2. Contact the local police. You need the police report for your insurance company, when you get back home.
3. Use the “Stolen Camera Finder” website, who knows you might get lucky. Find the website here

Feel free to add your own theft precautions advise in the comments below.

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