Brazil Tower

Have you seen the Terry Gilliam movie Brazil? – It's one of my favorite movies –  do you remember the last scene, the ending? in the original version that is, not the the love conquers all US version.

Anyway, I saw this photo on G+ posted by the always great Brian Mathieson, and immediately thought that he had found the place where the ending of Brazil was made, I wrote to him asking where in the world this photo was made and if he knew if it was from Brazil, he got back to me with the location but he didn't know if it was used in the movie.

The place is Satsop Nuclear Plant, in .

It was only a small detour from the route I had planned, so I took the chance and drove by the place. Here I meet Nate, who was kind enough to let me in to one of the cooling towers, and show me around. Thanks a lot Nate.

I also made this little there, it's mostly in Danish, but I think you'll get the point anyway.

Exif data on the main photo.

Here are a few more photos from the “dome”

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