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Seattle, Washington State, USA

Added a before and after comparison below. enjoy!

Dirt Road II

There’s always something fascinating about roads that goes on and on, and disappears into the distance.

Palouse Falls Sunset

This is my take at the sort of famous¬†Palouse Falls. There was an awesome sunset, but it was just in the “wrong” direction, the sun was setting behind me. out to the right of the frame, where there was nothing Read more …

Road Upon Road

Close up of some of the freeways heading into Seattle, USA.

Sunrise over Palouse Falls

I stayed two nights at Palouse Falls, when I was in Washington State back in 2013. I got up on the first morning for sunrise. But the sun wasn’t rising quite where I would have liked it too, So I Read more …

Brazil Tower

Have you seen the Terry Gilliam movie Brazil? – It’s one of my favorite movies –¬† do you remember the last scene, the ending? in the original version that is, not the the love conquers all US version. Anyway, I Read more …