Lost in Thoughts

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Today’s my birthday, and to celebrate I’ll show you a before and after photo of this beauty.

I’m really getting into adding textures to photos at the moment, think I might be a little fed up with all the beautiful HDR photos that I normally do, I still make those, don’t think that will ever stop. But on a side track I started to play around with textures.

I really think it added a lot to this photo, but see for yourself in the before and after below.

What do you say, did it make it better?

Three Men at the Mosque


When I made this photo I didn’t see him, the third man, It wasn’t until I started processing the photo that I noticed him. And I must say I had my doubts, should he stand? or should he go?. I ended up – as you can see – keeping him in there. I don’t know why but he adds something to the photo, here we have this cool looking portrait of these two men, and then there is this head “sticking” out of the wall. it sort of takes the seriousness out of the whole thing, and I really like that.

What do you think, should he stay or should he go?

Playing Tricks on Me


When I was in India, I took a one day hike in the mountains adjacent the Himalayas, it was very beautiful, mountains, incredible landscapes and a few farmers was what I encountered on the hike. This being one of the farmer families.

They where eating these pea like thing, and offered me one, I gladly accepted, but couldn’t quiet get it opened, I gave it to the lady on the left and she opened it for me, and then handed it back to me, but just as I was about to take it, she quickly eat it right in front of me, which made all four of us burst in to laughter.

I really enjoy these small intervention with people I meet on My various travels.

I never got a second one, and to this day I still don’t know what they where eating.