Last Day in Mongolia


Just started my last day in Mongolia, Flying to Beijing tomorrow, and then staying there for 5 days before I head home.

This Mongolian trip has been the toughest one I been on so far, for a lot of reasons.
One my driver didn’t speak any English only Mongolian, which makes it really hard to communicate what your wishes for your photography is, like “Go up here where the light is nice” or “no need for stopping because the light and the sky is no good” is impossible to tell him, and you just see these nice places go by, without the possibility to drive over there and do some photography. When I finally got to a place that was cool and worth photographing, I had used all my energy on communicating with the driver, that my creativity was at a low or almost gone, so I was tried to go make anything.

I been sick a couple of times, normally I get some light problems with my stomach when I travel to 3. world countries, but I was down with a fever and everything.

For the first time I didn’t bring my laptop, just a tablet which I use to backup my photos to two hard disks. and that works just fine, the only problem is that I don’t have any idea of have many photos I made, are there any really good ones – I know there are some bad ones 😉 – this may sound as a bit of a luxury problem, and it is, but that doesn’t change the fact that it still frustrates me.

Now it may sounds like this trip has been a living hell, and that is not the fact, it’s been an amazing adventure, just not what I thought it would be. I just have to coop with the fact that it’s been a different trip, it’s been a more personal journey – it’s more lonely to been in a car with a person you can’t talk to, then to be in a car all by yourself – I really been doing a lot of thinking, and that’s maybe what this trip was fore, I just didn’t know it when I left home.

The photos are from around UB a few of them from the black market.

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