He Gazed at Her Beauty

I'm coming to the States in less than 2 weeks, July 16th to more specific, I'll stay until August 23rd.
5½ weeks! It's going to be awesome. I hope to meet a lot of My new-found friends – and hopefully get a bunch of new ones – while I'm there.

My plan is – in short – I'll fly into (July 16th) and properly stay there for a week, before I'm heading up north along the coast, I have to be up and around Seattle on the 10th of August, because I'm attending a star photography workshop by Dave Morrow – really looking forward to it – are there anyone reading this, who are going as well?
After that I might head up to Vancouver, Canada, and then go back down the coast to SF and stay there for a few days before I fly home on August 23rd.

Do you live in San Francisco, Portland, Seattle, Vancouver or somewhere in between?
And do you wanna meet-up? For a cup of coffee – I drink hot chocolate, hope that's OK – or maybe do some photography together. Please let me know and we'll find away to make it happen.

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