Maybe He Was Waiting for Someone

Maybe He Was Waiting for Someone

Well, My Dubai trip is almost over – going home tomorrow – but I’m heading to Japan for 24 days on June 23rd, which I’m really looking forward to, cause Japan is at the top of my travel destination list.

And as always I’m gonna ask you if you know any places that I shouldn’t miss?
I’ll be spending most of my time there in Tokyo and about a week driving around the country side, heading for Hiroshima among other places, so mainly going south of Tokyo.

If you are a photographer or just living in Tokyo – or if you know someone who does – and wants to meet, please drop me an email, and we’ll take it from there.

To all Buzz and Twitters please re-share – thanks.

The photo is from Jaipur, India, where I was out walking one day with no particular destination in mind, as you all know I just like to get out and walk around foreign places to get a sense of the atmosphere, of course with My camera by My side.
On this walk I came across this guy, who looked a little sad as if his date hadn’t showed up, and we all know that feeling, right?.

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