Just Wanted to Say Hi!

, this is from my second trip to Sin City. I got this mixed feeling about Vegas, I kind of like and dislike it at the same time, it's so overwhelming to walk around in all the bright and noises, and then again in drains you…sort of sucks out all your energy. The conclusion – for me at least – is that Vegas is great in a small dose at the time.

As I said this was my second time around, and the main reason for this second visit was the big screen on Fremont Street – the old part of Las Vegas – aka The Fremont Street Experience, and what at sight, the screen is 90 ft (27 m) high at the peak and approximately 1,500 ft (460 m), in length.

If you're you going to Vegas, then take a break from The Strip and go visit The Fremont Street Experience, it's awesome and – IMO – what Las Vegas is all about.

I made this photo right in the middle of Fremont Street, it took some waiting around to get the right moment for this shoot, cause there is a lot of people in Vegas walking up and down the streets, lucky for me, it was a long texting séance.

And one more thing, is this a or a ?

Yet again, all post process done in Lightroom.

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