After the Party

After the Party
A couple of friends are haveing this returning mini music festival in their garden called “Lillely Live”.
Since the crowd was about to move inside, and therefore there were no more people in the front yard, I was abel two putt My photo Equipment up in peace, and take this photo.
It was a perfect night for shooting, almost no wind and a nice and warm air.

It’s a 5 RAW exposure HDR photo, after Photo Matrix I imported it and the brightest of the 5 exposures into Photoshop, and here I cloned the darkest areas into the HDR photo, because they were very pixelated the HDR version.
The reason for the very yellow tint is that the light source comes from a street light behind the camera, I have considering to correct the white balance to a more “natural” glow/look, but I kind of like it the way it is, and because that was how it looked at the time.

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