United Arab Emirates

Desert, United Arab Emirates

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Morning in the Desert

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Sunrise in the Liwa Desert

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This was the main reason for my trip to United Arab Emirates, I wanted to see a real desert, there is something amazing and mesmerizing about them if you ask me.

This photo was made in the Liwa Sand Dunes in the southern part of the country, not far from the Saudi Arabian border.

I’m Gonna Have Me Some Fun

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I just started watching the series “Justified” and it is really good, I can highly recommend it. But I’m a bit confused with all the different kind of police you got in the US, I mean we have the Police, the State Trooper, the US Marshall’s and the FBI, but what are their jurisdiction?

The police must be local, right, and the FBI is all over the country, and I guess State Trooper is bound by State, but what about the US Marshall’s where do they belong?

Here’s the trailer for season 1

124, Please. Just a Minute, Sir

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And that’s exactly have long it takes to go from the ground level to floor 124 (the highest floor you can get to, as a tourist) in Burj Khalifa – 1. minute.

Light Trails Chaos

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Hello, Can You Hear Me Now?

Hello, Can You Hear Me Now-
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This is Bnsamrah, an arab I meet in a desert in United Arab Emirates.
I walked in to this desert area through this broken fence, after about an hour this Toyota F1 came roaring up the sand dune I was standing on, I stopped right next to me and out stepped this cool looking arab guy.

He asked me what I was doing there, I told him that I was just walking around making some photos of the beautiful place, He that I wasn’t allowed to walk around in here, it was private property. I asked if it was ok for me to make some photos in here as long as I didn’t break anything, He had to ask his boss about that, after around 45 min. he finally got a go from his boss – who in the meantime got a go from his boss –  that it was ok for me to been in there.

Now that anything was ok, Bnsamrah said get in, it’s to hot to walk around here, I’ll show you around a bit. So I got in to he’s car and we drove around for a couple of hours, visiting a dates plantation among other things, I had a lot of fun driving around seeing all sorts of things.
I also found out the reason for him driving around here, they have this big problem with people in the area dumping garbage in the desert, and his job is to stop them, and keep them out of the place.

I made the photo while he was on the phone with his boss.

Dubai From Above

Dubai From Above

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It Goes on Forever and Ever

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Made a quick stop of the highway, to make a photo of these lined up power pylons.