One of the Daily Tasks

Me and My German friend, Jan, had rented some motorbikes for a few days, while we were in .

One of the days we just decided to drive out on the road that is running a long side of the river that runs from Battambang to the great lake Tonle Sap.
Here we saw a lot of things and meet a lot of people, of which I got a lot of photos, that I'll show to you later, today I wanted to share this hard- guy with you.

I'm not quite sure on why his turning the  fillet, but it's properly got something to do with them getting dried up the right way.
Anyway there were a lot of fish, there were at least 4 times as many as you can see on the photo and I don't know how often they had to be turned around, one thing is for sure there wasn't much time left to play in, after the job was done.

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