Still Going Strong

When I was in , I rented a Jeep Wrangler – one of the coolest cars I ever rented – and on my days off from work, I went driving around the local area, going down every dirt road I came by, many of them ended in a barb wired fence, but once in a while it was a road that went on deeper in to the jungle, and on some of these I found some interesting things to photograph.

Like the guy on the photo above. Remember this was right after the hurricane Nova that hit hard on the Mexican west coast in October , and the storm had totally ruined his corn field, breaking every crop, I don't know if he had other fields in the area that were ok, but this field's crops were gone.

But he seamed to be in a good mood after all, and he told – in Spanish, which I don't understand that much off – all about how the hurricane had ruined the crop and a lot more which I didn't fully understand.

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