Winding Path to Jaipur

Winding Path to Jaipur

India, have you ever been there?

I was there for the first time in 2009, and spend almost 3 weeks traveling around in the northern parts, it’s an incredible country, and kind of though travel around, cause it’s so different from what I’m use to  (if India is east, then Denmark is certainly west… far west).
When the three weeks was over and I found myself sitting in the comforts of My own home again, I was sure that would never visit India again.
But now almost two years later, I would very much like to go back, and see other parts of India, I don’t know why this feeling has changed, but thinking about the trip I had – the good and bad things – just makes me wanna go back there even more.
There’s just this fascinating thing about India – properly because of the difference between here and there – that makes you wanna go back for more.

This photo is a stitch from 10 images made with Hugin and Photoshop.
The city you can see is Jaipur – aka The Pink City –  and the place I’m standing is the Nahargarh Fort.

My brother made a 100x40cm print of this photo for me as a birthday gift, and it looks amazing. Thanks D.

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