I wish you a photographic 2011

And I hope you had a great New Year's Eve, I know I did, I was keeping it low-key this year,  just me and a couple of friends, eating and drinking the night away.

Well My first post of 2011 is from My trip to DC in , I spend 10 days there – with a few days off to do a little road trip to Jamestown, here's a shoot from that trip – just walking around the city, it's a nice city, much nicer than I thought it would be, the Smithsonian area is just fantastic and a must-see when in town.

This shoot is from the other side of the river also known as Arlington, a bit more boring than DC, mostly skyscrapers – which a kind of cool when you are a guy from Denmark – and other offices buildings the only interesting thing here is of course the Arlington cemetery, which you'll see some photos from in a near future, I'm sure.

Post process: I added contrast and leveled the photo in Photoshop. I thought about removing the lights you can see through the windows, but decided to leave them, because I like that it shows that there is some life beyond the glass.

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