Passing By

After four days in Rishikesh in northern India, we were gonna take the train to New Delhi.
We heard that you should go to Hardiwar in order to get a train to Delhi. But as we stood at the railway station in Rishikesh, we saw that there was a train directly from here to New Delhi and that of course made the whole thing a lot easier. We bought our ticket to the morning after, and went on our way.
When we arrived at the station the next day and entered the train it slowly dawned on us that it was the “slow” train we had bought tickets for, and not the express train, instead of a transport time of around 4 hours in nice soft seats, we now had a trip of 10 hours on something that resembled a wooden bench in front of us.

It was a long but wonderful trip, that you most certainly will see more photos from later on.

The photo is an HDR, made from a single RAW file,  I haven’t done that much more than added some sharpen and contrast.

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