Buzzing Cars on Golden Gate Bridge

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Went for an old analog look, for this not tack sharp photo of the Golden Gate Bridge. I just liked the “buzzing” heads and tail lights of the cars on the bridge to much, to just throw this one in the bin.

I don’t know maybe I should have, what do you think?

Photobooth Instant Camera Walk


All photos where made in the summer of 2013 on the Photobooth monthly instant camera walk in the mission in San Francisco, and they are all made with the Polaroid Land Camera 104.
Not My own though, I didn’t bring that one on this trip – it’s way to big to bring on trips – but I borrowed one from the store.

If you want to know – and maybe are think of buying one – how it is to photograph with an instant camera, then go on one of these walks, because they are kind enough to let you borrow, some of the cheaper Polaroid cameras on the market. but they are just as cool – if not cooler – then the expensive ones. And it still gives you an idea and a feel of how it it’s to shoot with a cool instant camera, and if you then fall in love with the magic of instant film – like me – then they have a whole bunch of cool cameras in the shop, for you to buy.

Visit their website to see when the next walk will be –

Go to this gallery on my website to see more photos made with the 104 Land Camera.

Here are a few more photos from that day.

The Cords Inside the Church

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I went past Grace Cathedral on California Street in San Francisco, and decided to go in and have a look around. I’m not religions in any way, but I still like looking at churches, you can always find some interesting architecture inside, and this one was no different.

And in the center aisle, the one between the seats, there where hanging these were long and thin cords down from the ceiling. I attached my fisheye to the OM-D and put it on the floor, right beneath the cords to make a photo straight up. I didn’t know quiet what to expect, but I was gladly surprised that it turn out this good.

Bay Bridge View

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I was on a little hiking adventure with my friend Santosh – and a big thanks to my buddy Brian, for watching out for the car while we were fooling around – we want to get down to the “secret” beach, where you have this awesome view of Bay Bridge. We got down there just a bit to late for the very cool blue hour light. I’ll show you some of those later. I got this one on my way down, And I think it’s one of the better ones from that evenings little adventure.

Analog Street Photography from San Francisco



Street photography made with my Vivitar Ultra Wide & Slim analog camera, on 35mm film. In the great city of San Francisco.

On the bottom one, it’s actually my shadow and arm. Normally I would not post a photo where I have my shadow in it, but I really like this one a lot.

See more photos made with that camera here

Early Morning Bridge Trafic

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At the well-known Golden Gate view-point Battery Spencer, did you know that if you climb through the fence, you can walk a bit down the hill, and get this cool view of the bridge.

Click the geotag link below, to see the where I stood, when I made this photo.

101 California

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When I made this photo I couldn’t stop think about my good friend Brian, and his also the reason why I made the photo in the first place. Why? You may ask yourself, well it’s very simple his nickname is Brian 101, and why? you may ask yourself, and again the answer is very simple, his a big fan of Depeche Mode, and they have an album – a live album if I’m not mistaking – that’s called 101.

Vivitar Ultra Wide & Slim


I bought the White Slim Angle from Superheadz back in 2009, and a few months ago I found out the it was a replica of the Ultra Wide & Slim from Vivitar, and since I like the White angle so much I just had to get My hands on the “original”. I found one on E-bay which I ended up winning – buying – and these four photos are some of the photos from the first roll of film I used with that camera. Do I like it? Yup I sure do.

Me and my Dog


Quick snap made with the LUMIX G VARIO 45-200mm f4.0-5.6 lens. This was the very first trip where I used that lens, and it was sort of a tester to see what quality I could get from it.
And I must say, I’m really impressed on the quality and functionality of this lens.

This photo was made hand-held at 200mm, which equals 400mm in a full frame setting, and the details are quiet good. when you take the camera, lens and the fact it was hand-held in consideration.