The Ghibli Museum Robot

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If you are a Miyazaki fan like me, the Ghibli Museum in Tokyo is a must see. and when you’re there remember to get out on the roof, here you’ll find this awesome five-meter-tall robot soldier, from the movie “Laputa Castle in the Sky”

Here’s a link to the official museum site

Dreaming of a Better Place

Dreaming of a Better Place

I was amazed by how many people where sleeping at the train stations in Tokyo, for some reason I had the illusion that there where no homeless people in Japan. But of course they have the same problems as the rest of the world.

I made this photo at Ueno station in Tokyo, right after sunset.

I Hope I’ll Never Get Stuck

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My car got stuck in the gutter, when I pulled over to make this photo, I mean they have the biggest and deepest gutters in the country side in Japan, at first I couldn’t really deal with the problem at hand, I had a photo to make.

Afterwards I tried to get the car free, but it was really stuck, so I had to get some help. I started walking further down the road and ended up at a little house, about 10 min. later. I knocked on the front door, and got to talk to a really old lady (later I found out that it was the grandma), who didn’t understand anything I said, luckily there where some younger people in the house as well, who did. After I had explained my situation, we jump into their car a drove back to mine.

They had a look, and saw that there was nothing they could do, so they called the Japanese triple A, who would be there in a couple of hours. These lovely people then invited me to join them for dinner while I was waiting. I gladly accepted and had a wonderful couple of hours in their company.

When the triple A guy called, we drove back to My car, got it pulled out. I thanked them for their kindness, we said goodbye and I drove on.

Tokyo by Night

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This one is made from the top of the World Trade Center in Tokyo, where you have a great view of the city.
It’s made through a window and unfortunately the was some reflections from the window in the sky part of the photo, that I was able to remove, and that’s the reason for the photo being a bit to dark at the top to My liking’s, but I still like the rest of it and there for chose to post it here on the blog anyway.

She Was On Her Way, When She Got the Call

She Was On Her Way, When She Got the Call

Sometimes when I’m traveling, I give myself these small challenges, like with this photo from Tokyo, that evening I only brought my 50mm with me.
I do it because it makes me think differently and be creative with what I got and not with what I have in my bag, and the most important factor makes me learn to live with the fact that I might have missed a photo that would have been great with another lens and then just focus on what I can make with the lens I got.

And then it’s nice to “travel” light, for once.

How about you, do you give yourself photographic challenges?