The last days of 2016

Hmm so this is the time to look back at what you have achieved through the year. And also to make a list of or show the one great photo you made this year.

I'm not good a finding the best photo of the year, and I know that in a few years it will all have changed to a different photo, for two reasons, one I haven't post processed all the photo's from at the time of writing this post, so maybe the best is yet to come. Secondly my taste will properly change a bit over the years, as I become a better photographer/post processor.
But then of course it has to be a list/photo, that is post processed by now, and it should be seen with the photographic mind set I have right now.

Achievements…. Well I did start a new website on analog photography – – and I also made a lot more photos with analog cameras, then I use to, and I think that's a good thing.

I became a father, for the first time in January, that's not really a photographic achievement, but it did have a huge impact on my photography, for one I – of course – have made a lot of photos, but on the other hand I haven't made as many photos as previous years, just about half as many. Because of that little guy. Hopefully that's gonna change in 2017.

Properly the thing I'm most proud of – besides becoming a father – is that I got a great job making photos for a Viking project/museum, my first real photography assignment, and what a blast, it's not totally done yet, still have a few photos of the Viking castle to make.

OK, the 3 photos in this post are all from 2016, and I think they are all totally awesome. (and to the future me, it's ok to laugh about it)

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