Monthly Archives: November 2012

Take a Walk With Me

The Belvedere Palace in Vienna

I waited here for almost an hour, course I wanted the pond in front of the palace to be totally calm, so Read more …

Suvarnabhumi International Airport

HDR photo from the airport in Bangkok, made while I was waiting for my flight home.

A Long Time Ago…

As you properly guessed I fouled around with the Focal Point 2 plug-in from Onone on this photo. I’m getting more and Read more …

Cambodian Family Business

Here is the video I promised you a month ago, I finally finished it, hopefully I’ll add more of these in the Read more …

By Bike

In the Memory Of….

Light Trails Chaos


The Mosquito

Hanging Around

This one is from the Russian Market, in Phnom Penh, Where I spend an afternoon chasing photos of the people working there. Read more …

Cleaning Up Singapore

The Lighthouse

Let Me Relax for a Few Days

I spend My last days in Cambodia, in the southern part of the country, in a family owned resort by the name Read more …

Let’s Do it Once More, My Friend

I had been up all night making photos, and when I arrived at my friend’s house at around 8 in the morning, Read more …

In the Midst of it All

Come and Stay, Come and Stay

The view from the out restaurant at Hotel Bear in Tyrol, Austria. Where I stayed for a week this summer.

The Train to Newark

The Inexpensive Way

A few weeks ago I did a presentation of free and inexpensive photo post processing software in the photo club I’m a Read more …

Come Stay on My Beach

I needed a few hours off the photography hunt, and Mab my tuk-tuk driver – and friend – took me to lake Read more …

Janet and a Hot Dog

Ship Away


Here’s another one from Mexico, I made a quick visit at the Teotihuac√°n, to see the pyramids there. And to my big Read more …

Goodbye My Love

The Blue Light Balls at the Opera, Singapore

This is the opera house in Singapore, but I’m not gonna say much about that, other than if you’re in Singapore, drop Read more …

Skyscraper Reflection

Royal Palace, Bangkok