Yearly Archives: 2011

Cozy Japanese Restaurant

A happy New Year to everyone – I hope you get a lot of great photo adventures in 2012.

Burnt Forest

The Old Schoolhouse

It might also be a Church house, wasn’t able to find out. Do you know what kind of house this used to Read more …

Dyrehaven Sunset

Balanced Rock

Yokohama Chinatown Gate


A View of Foley Square

While the Fog Came Rolling In

Well, it’s about that time a year once again. Merry Christmas, everyone, hope you all get what you wish for.

33 463

A Storm is Coming

Roof Reflection – Dubai Mall

Because they don’t mind you bringing your tripod in to their malls in Dubai, I was able to make this photo of Read more …

Tree in Sunset

Raj Mandir

The front of the cinema “Raj Mandir” in Jaipur. I actually saw the movie on the poster. “Delhii 6” but with no Read more …

Playa Penitas

This is one of My favorite HDR photos from Mexico. I had rented a Jeep, to drive around in, while I was Read more …


Fukui Sun Drome

West Pallet Co

Black, Yellow, Black, Yellow, Black

Tomorrow I’m flying to San Francisco, here I’ll rent a car and spend the next 3 till 4 days driving to L.A. Read more …

Pink Palace

With a Tree on Top


Tokyo Taxi Driver

Heading for Water

I have a little less that a week left here in Mexico, before it’s been great being here for almost 2½ months, Read more …

Royal Wing

Antelope Canyon

Today I also released a series of 4 photos from Antelope Canyon, they are added in the series category under the various Read more …

Pasela Karaoke Bar



Downtown San Francisco panorama

And from Mexico we got straight to my favorite city on earth, San Francisco. My plan is to celebrate New Years Eve Read more …

Banana salesman

And the last photo in my little Mexican week, photo series. This one is from the town of Tomatlán, I drove here Read more …

Dos amigos

I just got little under a month left here in Mexico, so far it’s been a pleasure being here, the Mexican people Read more …

The Orange Hallway

Guadalupe the Boat

Abandon Hotel View

7 times Mexico, the next seven days I’ll be posting some of the photo’s I made so far here in Mexico, Enjoy.

One Night in Osaka

Flea Market

On the freeway I saw a sign for “The Toy & Action Figure Museum”, and I thought, I got to see this, Read more …

A Game of Dominos

It Felt Like Forever

Life is Full of Love