Well, nobody's perfect.

Hi and welcome to Just Walked By, my name is Bo Nielsen, I’m the photographer behind this website – I’m also the webmaster, designer, the hot chocolate maker, runner and all the other things it takes to run a website.

I guess since you clicked on this page, you are curious about who I am. Well the short version would be that I’m a Danish photographer with the habit of bringing a light catcher device – which I draw faster than my own shadow – everywhere.

But if you feel like reading a bit more, here’s the extended version.
I am just an ordinary guy that can’t stop making photos every chance I get, When I’m not making photos I work in the film and TV industry here in Denmark, I earn a decent payment doing that, and that gives me time and money to travel a lot during the summer – where there isn’t that much work anyway – and make a lot of photos in different parts of the world.

I consider myself a semi-professional photographer, because I do not live of the photography alone, but I earn a coin or two once in a while.

Why Just Walked By? If you have been with me from the beginning then you probably know that my first blog title was “Exposure of Life”, but there was something about the title I didn’t like and it didn’t match the photos I’m making, it was too solemn and serious. So I came up with “Just walked by” – a title I liked and where the .com domain wasn’t taken – which I think says a lot more about the way I make photos. I rarely plan that much in advance, when I’m going on a trip or a small photo tour in the local area, for that matter. Roughly I just walk by the places I photograph.

When I started this online adventure, it was my plan to be the next Trey Ratcliff or Thomas Hawk, but I have since come to terms with that I’m just me and no one else. This means that I can not be involved at the level they are at – when do these guys sleep! – because I have a “life” next to my photography, where I have to work, see my friends and all the other everyday things that comes to being a human being.
It’s not that I envy them – I did once – but I really look up to people like that, and I think that’s a good thing to always have something/body to look up to, it makes you – or at least me – give your best every time.

I am always willing to teach and tell what I have learned about photography, so you are always welcome to ask anything, and I will answer you the best I can.
One of the new features here at JWB is that I will do some videos with reviews and how to … which will hopefully help you along the way.

That’s all about me.

Unless otherwise noted, all photos on this website is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License, which means that you can use them without extra permission on your blog, desktop and so on. On condition that you use it noncommercial (you are not making money or promoting any product or service that costs money), and that you give credit to me for making the photo, that you use.

Here is how to give a good Creative Commons credit, add this below each photo you use “Photo courtesy of Just Walked By” (with a working link back to my site, like this one, or if you are a really nice and cool person, then you make a link back to the post/page containing the photo you used).

If you’re interested in using one – or more – of my photos for a humanitarian purpose, then send me a short description of what the photo will be used for – here.

Thanks for dropping by.

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