Drive by in the Full Moon Light

Drive by in the Full Moon Light

On my way back from the Yellowstone park to my hotel in Silver gate,just outside the Northeast gate of the park – I’d been out making some sunset photos – I stopped on this parking lot cause I wanted to try to make a photo in the light from the full moon, it was so dark that I hardly couldn’t see anything, but I turned up the shutter speed  to 30 seconds and an aperture of 5,6, which made the photo to dark, but after a few exposures I ended up at the settings you see below.

And right as I had pushed the shutter to make the final photo, this car came driving – there hadn’t been a single car driving by all the time i was trying to find the right settings – I almost stopped the camera in the middle of the exposure, but I didn’t, and I very glad that I didn’t, cause the photo above is what came out of the car driving by.

I really like that it looks like the road is on fire, and that the flames are crawling up the cliffs.

What do you think?

I made more photos that night in the moon light, but I’ll post those later on.

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