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Later it Would be Crowded

What is a Palapa? Well, a palapa is a thatched-roof, open-sided structure. The material to cover the roof of a palapa typically consists Read more …


Customer Service

Go Easy With That Thing

A few nights  ago I was  standing and waiting for the sunset at this great spot I found with a  good view Read more …

Lemon Salesman

The Hustler

If You Left, You Might End Up Right Here

Right now I’m driving down the pacific coast in Mexico, I don’t have to work until the 29th – has to be Read more …

La Manzanilla Mainstreet

Here’s another photo from Mexico, this is – as the title indicates – from the city La Manzanilla, where you can see Read more …


Chase 1251

Hold it!

Well, the hurricane has passed, but all the roads were blogged with dirt, rocks and trees. Which apprehended us from going back Read more …

The Tree of Veins

From Ground Up

There is Light at the End of the Tunnel

I’m still in Mexico, but I haven’t started working yet, we are waiting for the hurricane Jova to pass us. Going a bit Read more …

A Sad Days View




Kanon means Cannon in Danish, and it is also used as slang for something that really cool. Photo made in the abandon Read more …

Clouds Above Death Valley

As I mention the day before yesterday, I going to Mexico tomorrow, for 2½ months to make a Danish television program. It’s Read more …

Fly Away

Come a Little Closer

I put My apartment up for sale, and today I’m moving out, well almost, this coming Wednesday I’m going to Mexico for Read more …

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