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Later it Would be Crowded

What is a Palapa? Well, a palapa is a thatched-roof, open-sided structure. The material to cover the roof of a palapa typically consists of dried and woven palm-tree leaves. You’ll find palapas in a variety of sizes. Some are large and Read more …


Go Easy With That Thing

A few nights  ago I was  standing and waiting for the sunset at this great spot I found with a  good view of the Colima volcanoes. While I was waiting there, I almost got eaten alive by mosquitoes, and that Read more …

If You Left, You Might End Up Right Here

Right now I’m driving down the pacific coast in Mexico, I don’t have to work until the 29th – has to be back at the 27th, for a briefing on things – so right now I’m just exploring the Mexican Read more …

La Manzanilla Mainstreet

Here’s another photo from Mexico, this is – as the title indicates – from the city La Manzanilla, where you can see and feed crocodiles, I actually never seen a crocodile in real life before, some of them get up Read more …


Hold it!

Well, the hurricane has passed, but all the roads were blogged with dirt, rocks and trees. Which apprehended us from going back to the coast for a few days. Now the roads are cleared, but our hotel still needs a Read more …

There is Light at the End of the Tunnel

I’m still in Mexico, but I haven’t started working yet, we are waiting for the hurricane Jova to pass us. Going a bit crazy with all the waiting…..




Kanon means Cannon in Danish, and it is also used as slang for something that really cool. Photo made in the abandon city Pripyat, near Chernobyl.

Clouds Above Death Valley

As I mention the day before yesterday, I going to Mexico tomorrow, for 2½ months to make a Danish television program. It’s not gonna be all pleasure on this trip, but I’ll also have som spare time to make some Read more …

Fly Away

Come a Little Closer

I put My apartment up for sale, and today I’m moving out, well almost, this coming Wednesday I’m going to Mexico for 2½ months – more on that later – and in that period a good friend of mine is Read more …

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