Monthly Archives: May 2011

Fish Market

As you properly remember I got My camera stolen when I was on a three days trip to Barcelona last year, that of course sucks big time, but the worst part is all the photos on the CF card went Read more …

Dinner is Served

If I’m not mistaken then this is the Arctic Tern. Correct me if I’m wrong.

The Bats and the Bridge

My friend Mike brought me to Congress Av. Bridge in Austin, around dusk to show me a massive bunch of bats fly out from under the bridge, which they do every evening. After waiting a couple of hours for the bats Read more …

Waiting for the Next Customer

I was walking around the streets of Bangkok, with no particular purpose then to get a feel of the place and the people who lived there. I love to walk around foreign places and just take in the atmosphere of Read more …

The Lighthouse at the end of the World

This actually what the Faroese calls this place, you can find it on the island Mykines. Once there you get an idea of why they call it that, cause it feels like standing at the end of the world, with the wind Read more …

Time Capsule Hotel

This is a photo of the main room – the living room – of the hotel I stayed in when I was in Chernobyl in 2010. I had to climb in to a closet to get back far enough to capture Read more …

Ved Slusen

“Ved Slusen” is Danish and means something like “by the Sluice” and that is the name of this place in Copenhagen.

Waiting for Dawn

This is My favorite photographer quota “Which of my photographs is my favorite? The one I’m going to take tomorrow.” – Imogen Cunningham What’s yours?

Nikolaj Nørlund @ Lillely Live 05 – 01.08.2009

More NN photos from the gig.

Red Interior

As I mentioned a couple of posts ago I spent a weekend driving around Sweden with some of the guys ‘n’ girls from the local photo club. Well, here is the first shoot from that trip, it’s from a place Read more …

Sheep Hotel

Well, it looks like a sheep place to stay. HDR made from 3 handheld RAW exposures, after HDR Efex Pro 2 I imported the 4 images in to Photoshop as layers to remove some ghosting on the sheeps.

Nyhavn 17

Today it is my best friend Philip’s birthday, he works a bit further down the street from where this photo was made and on the other side of the canal, he’s the night porter at a hotel called “Hotel Bethel“, Read more …

Daughter & Mother

I had just arrived in Jaipur, India. This being My first and so far only time in India, I was very eager to get out and have a look and a walk around the city. And what a place it Read more …


Dybbøl Mill

I just signed up on the new Razzi photo site and uploaded all the photos I have posted on My blog so far. A few hours later the staff at Razzi where so kind of choosing one of My photos to Read more …

Brother Grimm @ Loppen

I finally got around to publish the photos from the Brother Grimm concert at Loppen, Christiania in January, they where the supporting band for Anchorless – you can see those photos in this post. And here are a few more photos.

Hi! He’s Looking at You Kid

I was walking around the streets of Marrakesh with My friend Thomas, when we incidentally came by these old movie posters hanging at the front of an even older building. And right away the movie geek in me though, there must be Read more …