We Are the Kids of Cambodia

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Today Reuters released list of 95 photos that they think are the best of 2012.

What’s your best photo from 2012?

The one above is one of mine, I can’t find one photo that I think is My best of a certain year, I a least need a top ten.

Taking the Wife for a Spin

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I was make a HDR of a house in the middle of a rice field, when this guy popped up behind me, being very interesting in what I was doing, I ended up turning around asking if I could make a photo of them as well, they where more than happy to pose for me, I had on my 14mm lens – the one I always use for landscape photography – and I wasn’t quiet done with the house and the rice field, so I just kept it on and leaned over the couple on the motorbike as far as I could.

I really like the effect the 14mm lens adds to this portrait, if you wanna try something like this just make sure the faces of the people you photograph are as close to the center of the image as possible, that way their faces wont be too distorted.

¿qué dices

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Added this photo to my 1:1:1000 photo project today. See the gallery here

Still Going Strong

Still Going Strong

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When I was in Mexico, I rented a Jeep Wrangler – one of the coolest cars I ever rented – and on my days off from work, I went driving around the local area, going down every dirt road I came by, many of them ended in a barb wired fence, but once in a while it was a road that went on deeper in to the jungle, and on some of these I found some interesting things to photograph.

Like the guy on the photo above. remember this was right after the hurricane Nova that hit hard on the Mexican west coast in October 2011, and the storm had totally ruined his corn field, breaking every crop, I don’t know if he had other fields in the area that where ok, but this fields crops were gone.

But he seamed to be in a good mood after all, and he told – in Spanish, which I don’t understand that much off – all about how the hurricane had ruined the crop and a lot more which I didn’t fully understood.

NB: Remember to click on the geotag link below, to see where the photo was made.