She Disappeared Into the Distance

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I’m a sucker for these curly American – or non American for that matter – roads, and by adding a little tilt-shift effect in post. You’re having a hard time making a bad photo IMO.

The Red Truck

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Ever since I saw “Convoy” – you know the Sam Peckinpah movie starring Kris Kristofferson – as a kid, I’ve been very fascinated by these American trucks. So when I happen to come upon this truck, with this amazing backdrop, on my visit to Utah last spring, I couldn’t resist making a photo of it.

Here’s a before and after comparison for you.

Engraved in Granite

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Same Routine as Yesterday

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HDR photo made on a drive around the countryside one afternoon in May last year.

Here’s a before and after comparison for your enjoyment.

Seljalandsfoss, Iceland

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Here’s a before and after comparison for you.

Big Clouds are Coming

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Photo from Arches Nationalpark, Where I manage to spend a few days after I photographed the Color Festival i Spanish Fork, last year.
Utah is definitely getting one of my favorite states in the U.S.

Yosemite Reflected

Yosemite Panorama Reflection

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