Holger Danske

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Here we have the guy who will wake up at defend the Danes against an attacking enemy or that’s the way the legend goes anyway. By the way he sleep’s beneath this castle if you are planing an attack you should properly bomb this place first, I case he might wake up and come wop your ass, he is a tough looking dude.

The is a 3 RAW exposure HDR, it’s Handheld – with the wide-angle it’s sometimes possible – after Photomatrix, I converted it to black and white in Photoshop, cleaned up some of the highlights, cause they where burnt out, especially on the forehead of the statue. I also added some more grain, the 1600 ISO did some, but i like to added a bit more in post when using high ISO’s cause it looks more naturally, in My opinion.


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This is the castle where Shakespeare’s famous story of Hamlet unfolds.

In the basement of the castle Holger Danish is sleeping, the legend says that if Denmark is attacked, he will wake up and defend the Danes against the enemy.

The photo is another HDR from 5 RAW exposures, it has been through the usual software (Photomatrix and Photoshop).
If you’re new to the HDR craze, you can find a fantastic HDR tutorial on Trey Ratcliff’s website “Stuck In Customs” that is where I started learning how to do it.
I am far from equally skilled, so when you’re there click through his incredible HDR collection and be inspired.