Svinklovene Sunset

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“Svinklovene” is Danish and means “pig hooves” I think the place is called that, because it looks like pig hooves when you see it from above.

I have a little extra treat for you today, I found this old stop motion video I for and with my girlfriend a few years back, We made it to show off her final project at her exam at the Danish School of Art and Design.

(NB: there is no sound, it’s not your computer that’s not working)



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I Don’t have much to say about this photo. there where just something about the light, the wet ground and the way the bike was parked, that I really liked. And on top of that I also kind of nailed it in post with this old fashion look, if you ask me.

It’s also part of a series that I’m working on at the moment, but more on that at another time.

Angkor Wat Temple with Trees

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I spend 3½ weeks in Cambodia back in 2012, and only six days of those weeks in the Angkor Wat area. But I could easily have spend all my time here. It is such an incredible beautiful and photogenic place. And even though there has been made a million photos in this place, it’s still possible to find a new and unique angles here.

Lost in Thoughts

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Today’s my birthday, and to celebrate I’ll show you a before and after photo of this beauty.

I’m really getting into adding textures to photos at the moment, think I might be a little fed up with all the beautiful HDR photos that I normally do, I still make those, don’t think that will ever stop. But on a side track I started to play around with textures.

I really think it added a lot to this photo, but see for yourself in the before and after below.

What do you say, did it make it better?

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From the Lake in the Mountains

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When I was in Austria with my girlfriend a few years back, we hiked up to Obernberger See, a very scenic lake, and a must see spot if your into landscape photography. The hike up there isn’t that hard.