Morning in the Desert

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He Gazed at Her Beauty

He Glanced at her beauty

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I’m coming to the States in less than 2 weeks, July 16th to more specific, I’ll stay until August 23th.

5½ weeks! it’s gonna be awesome.

I hope to meet a whole lot of My new-found friends – and hopefully get a whole bunch of new ones – while I’m there.

My plan is – in short – I’ll fly into San Francisco (July 16th) and properly stay there for a week, before I’m heading up north along the coast, I have to be up and around Seattle on the 10th of August, because I’m attending a star photography workshop by Dave Morrow – really looking forward to it – are there anyone reading this, who are going as well?
After that I might head up to Vancouver, Canada, and then go back down the coast to SF and stay there for a few days before I fly home on August 23th.

Do you live in San Francisco, Portland, Seattle, Vancouver or somewhere in between.
And do you wanna meet-up? for a cup of coffee – I drink hot chocolate, hope that’s OK – or maybe do some photography together. Please let me know and we’ll find away to make it happen.


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Today’s My girlfriend Lisa Strøander’s graduation day.
She had this photo – which I made off her last year on a trip to Jutland – hanging on her billboard since she started preparing for her final exam, with the title “Afgang” above it.

“Afgang” is Danish and can mean two things. first off it means “departure”, (referring to Lisa walking away in the photo) and secondly it can also mean graduation, which is kind of self-explanatory in this context.

Congratulations darling.


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The comparison below is of the raw HDR photo (straight out of Photomatrix) and the final photo, after adjustments in Photoshop, Color Efex Pro and Lightroom.

Yellowstone Lightning

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Mainly posting this one,because it was My first time capturing a lightning, personally I’m not totally crazy about it.

What’s Troubling You?

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Selfie made at the Golden Gate view-point, the last evening of My 2010 US road trip.

What I’m think about is all up to you.

Follow the Leader

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While My tuk-tuk driver and friend Mab, was getting gas for the tuk-tuk. I quickly ran out to the road, because I noticed that we passed a long line of women on bikes – properly on their way home from work – a bit further up the road, and thought it would make a great photo.

Well what do you think, was it worth it?